How to Create Avatar on Picrew

See how to create an avatar on Picrew, a very creative platform! Also take the time to check out the models we have selected for you. If you are an active user of social networks, especially Twitter, you may have already seen some thematic avatars created by users there.

Create Avatar on Picrew
Create Avatar on Picrew

How to Create Avatar on Picrew

Making them is relatively easy, given that there is a specific platform for this – a website where several artists offer designed models: they serve to create your avatar on Picrew, that is, you assemble it from 0, choosing eyes, hair, clothing, etc.

The number of options is frightening and, more and more, new styles appear. For example, it is possible to create your character from the Harry Potter franchise, a prettier version of your doll in Among Us, you in an anime version, a basis for your character from some RPG and so many other cool images. Below, we’ve separated some of the most captivating avatar models on picrew.

It is also worth saying that the vast majority, if not all, are released for non-commercial use only. This means that you cannot create an original character there and, for example, publish an advertisement with it

The only disadvantage is that the site is in Japanese, but by clicking on the links provided, it is easy to assemble yours too. Just follow the short tutorial below, which fits all models you click on:

How to assemble your avatar on Picrew

  1. When you open the site through a link posted, either here or on Twitter, you will come across a screen like this;
  2. Click on the pink button on the right, where the Japanese word is written ( asobu, which is transliteration – for the curious, the translation of the verb is to play);
  3. That done, you will enter the site and see the platform where the character will be created;
  4. Now, you have a series of options, such as choosing the caricature sketches [1, in red], changing the colors of the selected aspect (in this first case it is the color of the skin) [2, in blue], choosing the program to do a random one [3, in wine] and, finally, finishing the job [4, in hot pink];
  5. After pressing button 4 as mentioned in the previous item, just save by clicking again on the pink button, where it is also written in Japanese (the meaning has literally downloaded the image) and that’s it!

That done, you are ready to create your avatars in the most creative way possible. So stay with us to see some of the best designs you can use as a base for your Picrew avatar.

The coolest models

Usually, the credit for the artists is already in the avatar itself, as you can see in the previous tutorial. If it is not available, I will put it right after the short text. Without further ado, let’s see the best creators of Picrew – with a practical example of what avatars look like.

8-bit maker

The 8-bit maker is an interesting creation as it gives the user the possibility to create his persona in 8 bits – that is, pixelated.

The artwork was very beautiful and, unlike the other models on the list, you have a more rear view of the character. It’s a good way to start the journey through the avatar world on Picrew, because, from now on, the designs are more similar.

Ah, another difference is that he also has the option of adding hats, helmets, glasses and the like on his head, which is not very common considering the work it takes to position these items in the figure when creating a model.


Among US Persona Creator

It is not surprising that the sensation game of recent times has gained a platform where the user can create his character of the game in more detail.

Are you always the imposter and good at lying? Excellent. Are you always accusing any specific color just for tantrum? You can put that too.

The options are very creative and you can make the whole squad of your friends too, just have the will and patience.

The cosmetic items in the game are also available, so don’t worry about fidelity. Ah, you can create characters with or without a mask.

Arigate Witch Maker

This is one of the most creative because it allows the user to create their own witch. Yes, they are witches with a feminine aspect, but it doesn’t matter – it’s a great pastime.

If you’ve always wanted to be in one of the witch movies out there, don’t miss the opportunity to imagine what your persona would look like in this character creator from user Arigate on Picrew.


Astrolava Character Maker

The user Astrolava – whose name reminded me of the villain of Power Rangers: In Space – created a very different style of avatar on Picrew in terms of design.

With a peculiar and very striking layout, the user can even create RPG characters, considering that there are some models of snake mouth, vampire and even bat or fairy wings.

The difference is that you can put your hands too, whether showing the middle finger, making the classic V sign or the little arm with your fingers. If you are Brazilian and sensible, I do not recommend the latter.


Biyagi Character Maker

User Biyagi made this avatar category on Picrew with slightly more realistic features than the others – almost like a manhwa character (Korean comic).

In Japanese, we can assign the name bishônen to this category, a word that means something like “beautiful young people”. Those are classic cute characters from manga and the like who are successful with the public.

Here you can become one. Or try.


Cocktail / Drink Maker

No, you did not read it wrong. By means of two Picrew by the user iwose, you can make your own drink or cocktail, based on your personality.

Perhaps this is useful for aspiring baristas or alcoholics on duty as well, because you can get an idea of ​​how the drink will look. In this case, I don’t drink, so I don’t know how similar it can be.

Either way, there is a model for regular drinks and another for cocktails, but the options are similar. The creator had a good idea, because it is not very common to find this type of simulator out there, even in the world of Picrew’s avatar. You can even choose the rest of the glass or set up a kind of drink with ice cream.


Daria / Misery Chick Character Maker

For the nostalgic on duty, there is the possibility of creating their own persona from the animation Daria, from MTV.

To the youngest or those who have never even heard of it, there is the strong recommendation, along with the other drawing where it first appeared: Beavis and Butt-Head.

Either way, you can imagine yourself in Daria’s world, being friends with her and Jane or just making fun of the other Lawndale High School students.

The representation is very precise, with the features of the original drawing quite similar to Picrew, which was created by the user lovefool.

The other name ( Misery Chick ) comes from the last episode of the first season.


Lo-Fi Hip Hop Maker

It is quite possible that you have already seen those playlists aimed at students on YouTube or the like – sometimes they are made as if they were a kind of virtual radio too, just by accessing them and leaving the music as a background while you do other things, how to write this text, for example.

They are always accompanied by a girl studying – in the past, she was the character Shizuku, from the film Sussurros do Coração (1995), by Ghibli Studio, but, due to copyright, the girl became an original creation, even maintaining the resemblance.

With this Picrew avatar model created by the user arideo, you can be part of the world of studies with your own avatar. Pretty cool, right?

You can change the background if you want plants or a cat in the window and even the style of the pen, pencil or mechanical pencil.


Makówka Character Maker I and II

Here the creation is more direct, without being based on any work or entertainment design. There are two options for you to create your avatar – and the most fun part is that you can make all of your friends as well. The options are varied, including putting on elf ears, snake mouth, vampire or wild boar and the like.

The background of this avatar model on Picrew can be changed too – you can place some flag of the LGBTQIA + spectrum or change according to your background preferences. It even has filters at the end of creation. Both were designed by artist Makówka.


Poicon Maker

Well, I have no idea what Poicon means and neither the translator or the inexhaustible Twitter memes helped me find out.

Anyway, he’s a great character creator – mostly, with a more feminine feel. It’s really cool and you have several customization options, even for different earrings.

According to the user who created it – poika -, an alternative title would be, in free translation, “the most lesbian Picrew you will find”. It looks great on me.


RPG: Status Generator

This style of avatar in Picrew is very interesting because it promotes a small twist in the construction of avatars: you don’t build your character itself, but you do kind of a simplified and pretty RPG token.

In it, you can choose the character’s clothes (armor, helmets, gauntlets etc), weapons, items, class, race and even moral alignment.

Very useful for those who do not like to be editing the endless PDFs of D&D or writing by hand while playing with friends online.

Of course it is a simpler thing, but it is still cool to do. It is possible to put the character’s image in the white square too, but for that you will need an image editor.


Sangled Character Creator

Another creator of original characters, this time from the user Sangled. The options are quite diverse, with customization even of the background and its details.

There are several expressions typical of manga and anime as well, such as despair, fright, anger, etc. Considering the amount of details, it is worth mentioning that this is one of the most complete of the group and Picrew itself.

Sucrion Character Maker

There’s not much else to talk about here, just another creator of original Picrew characters and the last one on the list.

The focus is also more feminine, but it is possible to create masculine personas as well. The line of the drawing is very beautiful and the user is the sucrion, as was to be imagined.


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