7 Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Networks For Young People

In this article I tell you 7 advantages and benefits of social networks and 7 disadvantages for young people, teenagers and adults. It is a phenomenon that has been with us for more than 10 years and seems to remain here.

7 Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Networks For Young People

Usually deficiencies are discussed and this is true; You can waste too much time, lose intimacy or share too much information. Although there are also benefits that are unfortunately the least used.

7. Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networks

1. Worldwide Connection

With Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin, you can get in touch with people you’ve never seen for years. And not only that, but to meet people or to introduce people who would not otherwise be able to communicate. This is the case, for example, with managers or managers of companies.

They can help you inter alia:

• Search for information.
• Contact companies.
• Find a partner.
• Job Search.
• Make new friends.
• Ask the experts for advice.

2. Groups

I think the best facebook is the group. They create a kind of “collective intelligence” that connects people from all over the world.

It is private and public and you can ask questions or publish information. You can also create your own group of friends or professionals with a specific purpose, communicate with people who have your interests. Before that was possible only in forums that were more opaque.

3. Social Reports

Of course, you will receive daily news about social networks about crimes, corruption, crimes, etc. Today, we can say that thanks to new technologies, any kind of information can be made public through various channels, through social networks, digital newspapers, etc. and is therefore available to anyone from anywhere in the world.

It was unthinkable years before the creation of new social networks, because the media was much more controlled by the high power, and it was possible to access only the information published in typical media: tv, radio or newspaper.

In short, one of the reasons why corruption, crime or social inequality is internationally known is through social networks.

4. Instant Communication

Can you imagine how our grandparents announced a few years ago ?? No time has passed since then, so most of you will hear a phone with a wired or typical letter or postcard that you received from your relatives for Christmas.

This is a striking technological advance in communication systems, because nowadays, simply typing a mobile or computer, you can communicate with different people anytime and anywhere.

One of the best known is whatsapp, skype or other platforms where communication is fast and immediate. And what about online training, which a few years ago could have imagined being able to study what you wanted and from home?

For example, last year I was in a course where information was shared in the Google+ community quickly and easily while teaching the class.

This means that social networks also serve training both remotely and personally. You can make Hangouts on google + and organize seminars. Or you can make communities in Google + or facebook groups where you share information by giving a class.

5. Branding-You Can Sell

Every day there is more competition to find a good job, there are many trained people and some quality posts.

With Linkedin, you can showcase your skills, abilities, experience and training and show it around the world. In addition, you can easily contact companies or people with whom you can build relationships.

And if you are looking for a job, there are other platforms like Infojob, jobtalent and many others that allow you to upload your CV and register for all the offers you are interested in.

6. Language learning

Thanks to new technologies, there is no justification for language learning. It can be done conveniently from home and at any time.

However, while social networks offer convenient platforms for online language study, it is important to consider both the advantages and disadvantages they present for young people. On the positive side, social networks can provide young learners with access to a vast array of language resources and opportunities for interactive practice.

By joining language learning communities on platforms like Livemocha, young people can engage in conversations with native speakers, participate in language exchange programs, and receive feedback on their language skills. This can enhance their fluency, cultural understanding, and overall proficiency in a flexible and engaging manner.

In conclusion, social networks can offer valuable opportunities for young people to engage in online language study and connect with language learning communities. However, it is essential to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages they present.

By leveraging the benefits while addressing the potential pitfalls, young learners can make the most of social networks for their language learning journey while ensuring a safe and productive online experience.

There are social networks, such as Livemocha, which serve language learning online. On this website, users talk to each other, do a good exercise, or design a mini lesson. If you are looking for the Internet, you will find many other pages to learn any language.

7. Expand your business

If you have a business, the big advantage of social networks is that you can easily find your potential customers. In addition, you can contact them to get information to improve and get to know you in your city or internationally.

7 Disadvantages Social Networks

1. Possible fraud or identity theft

If you place too much information on the social network, you run the risk of identity theft or someone who is fraudulent with your data. You should be cautious about the information you share and don’t forget to change your passwords frequently.

2. Less to face the eye

This is undoubtedly the worst drawback. As always, exaggeration is always bad and there are people who spend the whole day using social networks.

It is not necessary to check every 5 minutes whether someone has posted something on Facebook or Twitter saying he is happy or sad. Social skills need to be put into practice and their lack of use leads to their loss.

3. Rupture

Managing good relationships on social networks can lead to their break.
In some cases, some of the members may:

• Be jealous to see photos.
• Always watch.
• Ask for access to couples.
• Agobiar …

Any of the above can lead to a deterioration in relationships and further breakage. Particularly unpleasant to be with a couple with mobile addiction. For these reasons, more and more couples broke, and even more so what is happening.

4. Loss of time and productivity

Who is never involved with facebook at work? Unless your boss is completely banned, you may have done it for some time. However, when we connect, we lose the job we had, and usually we do not need publications.

It is better to complete everything you need to do on a day, and then connect to social networks, see the most interesting and start doing something else. If I don’t want to spend my life watching what others are doing on Facebook.

5. Cybercrime and pedophilia crimes

Unfortunately, some pedophiles use social networks as children or adolescents and are trying to abuse them.

The abuse of social networks for children and adolescents can encourage cybercrime, make inappropriate contacts or share too much personal information.

Therefore, special attention should be paid to education in schools and at home to make good use of social networks. Children are naive and do not see any danger, but they consider it a game.

6. Build false self-esteem

There are thousands of people who have caught up with Facebook constantly uploading images and waiting for their friends alike. When they are much more enjoyable, their self-esteem grows, and when no one gives them, their self-esteem disappears.

But this is a self-esteem created on clay foot because it is not under the control of a person. That is, it gives strength to others, it depends on others that someone is happy or appreciated for themselves or not.

Self-esteem should not depend on others but on oneself. You have to evaluate yourself, no matter what others do or think.

7. worsen the company’s image

Just as it can help you improve your business if you manage them badly, it can also help you make the picture worse.

Recently, the evil of two pizza domain employees with the food they delivered to the client was a virus. Employees themselves posted a video on social networks, although I didn’t know it was a virus. Of course, there were thousands of customer complaints and the loss of image and money.

If you have a business, the big advantage of social networks is that you can easily find your potential customers. For example Twitter can help you boost your marketing strategy and derive nice traffic to your business. You can do that by analyzing Twitter followers and downloading list of those followers and you can do that for free ateinsightdata.com

In addition, you can contact them to get information to improve and get to know you in your city or internationally.

One more thing: Believe in false information

Recently, false news or craze spreading over the network is in vogue. Some jokes and are funny, but others may be serious or even cause problems across the country, for example, those in the middle of the Ebola crisis began publishing false information.

So you have to be a little skeptical, because not everything that appears on the Internet is real, before you share any messages, make sure the information comes from.

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