How to Customize Charging Animation on iPhone

Who would have thought that a single Apple-owned app would have revolutionized the level of personalization offered by iOS and iPhone in particular?

Customize Charging Animation on iPhone
Customize Charging Animation on iPhone

As you have surely understood, we are talking about“Commands”and all the actions present within it. In the past, we have seen how to use the aforementioned service to change the application icons in the Home (guide present below), but today we will focus on another aspect oftheinterface:the reload animation.

In fact, there is an application that, through“Commands”, will be able to start a nice custom animation every time the iPhone will enter charging mode. So let’s see how to download and use it.

Customize charging animation on iPhone with “Commands”

Before starting, however, with the procedure, it will be necessary to proceed with the download of the“charging play” application.

This appears to be free on theApp Store, but in order to be used it will be necessary, from time to time, to view commercials, orbuy the full version for 1.99 euros. Once downloaded, you can then proceed smoothly.

  • Open the“Commands”application on the iPhone
  • Access the“Automation”section
  • Click on“+”at the top right and then on“Create a personal automation”
  • Scroll through the list of options and choose the item“Charging device”(the last one at the bottom)
  • Leave unchanged the select“is connected”and continue with“Next”at the top right
  • Click on“Add action”and search, through the bar at the bottom, the action of“charging play”
  • Click on it to insert it in the work section
  • Continue with“Next”at the top right and confirm with“Finish”
  • Open the previously downloaded“charging play”application
  • Choose your favorite animation from those available and close the app

From this moment on, every time the iPhone will be recharged, the“charging play” app will start the selected animation on the screen.

Furthermore, if you prefer, you can also set a personal video from the gallery, but only after viewing an advertising film or after purchasing the full version.

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