Best Dating Apps for Android and iPhone

Best dating apps:  Let’s take a look at the best dating apps for Android and iPhone that you can use to find the people around you and you can chat with them and increase your circle and there may be a chance to find your life partner.

Best Dating Apps for Android and iPhone
Best Dating Apps for Android and iPhone

These apps will get your location and find people in the particular radius you mention.

So take a look at these apps and start dating.

In the busy life schedule of people today.

it becomes really difficult to take a little time and meet someone special.

Also to find someone special for dating, the meeting is really difficult.

Yet in this situation where busy living hours become obstacles, technology comes into existence to support this thing.

Now, using online dating apps , everyone can find and meet the best partners.

For Android and iPhone , there are some best dating apps available on the network.

Here in this article, we wrote about the best dating apps for these devices.

If you are interested in knowing this, then please go and start reading the information given in this article and try to read until the end.

So this is enough we believe in the introductory section of this post. Go ahead and start with the main section of the post below!

Best dating apps

Our single friends are always asking to find a new GF / BF for them and I was frustrated with the same.

so i decided to send them back some good apps where they can find their friends and date them.

because these apps are specially designed to find the right person for you as you can see their bio and can know and date them in real life.

Well, many of my friends are happy to use these apps.

because they were able to find the right person for them using these apps. I selected these applications based on user reviews, ratings, comments and with my personal experience.

So take a look at these apps discussed below to continue.

# 1  Tinder

Tinder is remarkable among other dating apps for interfacing and connecting with individuals. Each time you open this application, it will show you some profiles to interface. You can swipe right or left on the chance you want to associate with someone. In case a match is made, at this point you can start a private chat and you can also organize a meetup.

# 2  happn

Happn keeps track of the members of the database that you cross paths with every day. If someone catches your eye, you can even see where your last meeting happened.

Perfect for anyone who likes to watch hotties on the train and secretly hopes they would do the same.

The best part however is that the messaging feature is only activated if you both have expressed an interest. so you can safely avoid all that “Hey, what’s up?” spam that is prevalent with other apps.

# 3  OkCupid Dating

OkCupid is a star among other dating apps available on the Android platform. The best thing about OkCupid is that it doesn’t require Facebook to join.

When you open this app, you just need to create a username and complete a profile.

which you can use to link to your Instagram account. In this application, you also need to respond to a few requests that will be used to locate an ideal counterparty for you.

# 4  Hinge: Dating and Relationships

Like the Tinder, Hinge is the other best dating app available on the Android scene. It depends more on Facebook to make associations for you. When you open the app, you just need to interface the app to Facebook. At this point, Hinge connects you to the general population that you have in the same way on Facebook.

Likewise, if you need to know about someone at this point, you can ask your companion in the same way. It’s a decent human touch that’s missing in much of the dating apps.

# 5  Tastebuds

Tastebuds is another best dating app just accessible on iOS. The best thing about Tastebuds is that it uses the taste of music to find the best counterpart for you. When you open the app, you can browse the profiles to see the data and the interface with the individual. You can love a man or maybe you can pass him / her.

Other than that free dating app , you can send a melody or message to customers before or after the game.

Finally, after reading this article, you got to know the best dating apps for Android and iPhone. We have tried to provide you with all the details in an easy to enter manner and hope you may be able to grab it.

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How to Block YouTube Advertising on smartphones

YouTube ad-free on iPhone, iPod, iPad and iOS. Here is the guide to remove, hide, block YouTube advertising on iOS: simple, fast, FREE

How to Block YouTube Advertising on smartphones
How to Block YouTube Advertising on smartphones

Block YouTube advertising on iPhone

It was a long time since I used daily an Apple product with iOS and I must say that I lacked a bit the speed and efficiency of the Apple operating system for smartphones and tablets.

Coming from years of using Android , however, I ran into the “closure” and the limited possibility of customizing iOS. 

Quite simply, on my Android smartphone I have many apps that allow me to block advertisements from the internet in an easy, fast and free way, including YouTube , Facebook , Instagram and other social networks. So, after setting up my iPad Mini, I immediately searched for similar apps on the App Store , without being able to find them.

In particular, I needed an app that would allow me to block YouTube advertising. I don’t care much about the other social networks, since I use them a little on iPad, but YouTube I use a lot on the Apple tablet and I got tired very quickly of the ads and advertisements that appear when I try to see videos on the Google social network.

Are you aware of the advertising that appears before, during and after YouTube videos ? The most annoying one, from my point of view, is the one that appears before playing a video , which cannot be skipped, which makes you waste time and which above all you must necessarily click in order to start playing the video of your interest.

Since I just can’t stand the advertising that appears on YouTube, I worked hard to find programs that blocked or eliminated it , making it very difficult to find any.

After several hours of research, however, I finally managed to find the program I needed.

The app is called “Luna”  and in essence it is a free VPN for iPhone, iPod and iPad which, in addition to allowing you to surf safely and anonymously on the web, also allows you to block all YouTube advertising.

If you are also tired of YouTube advertising and ads and are looking for a simple, fast and free solution, below I will explain what you need to do.

It will only take you 30 seconds to reach your goal, guaranteed!

YouTube ad-free iPhone, iPod, iPad, iOS

Do you want to delete YouTube advertising? Here’s what you need to do!

  • Download THIS FREE APP from the App Store
  • Run it
  • Activate it by following the simple instructions that appear on the screen
  • Enjoy YouTube without ads on iPhone, iPod, iPad and iOS in general

Simple, easy, fast, free, within everyone’s reach!

From now on, you can open any website on the iPhone, iPad and iPod without advertising, ads and annoying banners. 

As anticipated, being a VPN, all your internet traffic will also be safe, secure and anonymous: no one will be able to intercept the data you exchange with the web or the websites you visit. And the data you enter on various sites (such as that of your bank, for example) will be extremely secure.

Block Facebook and Instagram advertisements on iPhone, iPod, iPad

Unfortunately I noticed that this VPN does not block advertising on Facebook and Instagram , but only on internet browsers (Safari, Chrone ..) and YouTube .

However, I must say that blocking the ads on these portals is enough for me and I am advancing.


At this point you just have to do is download the Luna app, follow my instructions and enjoy YouTube without advertising on iPhone, iPod, iPad and iOS in general. 

Since I discovered it, I can’t do without it anymore: I can finally watch all the YouTube videos without the annoying advertising that appears before each movie.

All Methods to Print from Android or iPhone Mobile

Have you received an important document from the office or employer but don’t have time to open it and print it from your computer?

All Methods to Print from Android or iPhone Mobile
All Methods to Print from Android or iPhone Mobile

All Methods to Print from Android or iPhone Mobile

You no longer have to depend on your computer to print a document with your home or office printer! In the following article, find out how to print from a mobile phone using wireless technology or by relying on the right network printers and apps for your smartphone.

Methods for printing from smartphones

In order to print from a mobile phone it is necessary to take advantage of some technologies already integrated in the device and increasingly popular on new printers; find out below which ones:

  • WiFi : the most effective and fastest method. You connect the wireless printer to the home or office WiFi network, then connect the smartphone to the same wireless network; with the right apps you can immediately print all the documents on your smartphone.
  • Ethernet : by connecting the printer to the WiFi router via an Ethernet cable, the latter will be available as a network printer to all devices. Smartphones connected to the same network are included. You can print simply by opening the specific App for the printer.
  • Bluetooth : some printers allow you to print using Bluetooth technology that allows you to connect your mobile phone directly to the printer without having to have a WiFi network or a support router to print.
  • WiFi Direct : with this technology, the printer and smartphone communicate via a wireless network created specifically for the occasion, without the need to use a support router. One of the best methods to print quickly without too many configurations.
  • NFC : some printers also have NFC technology but it is never used for printing, but only for communication between connected printers and smartphones using WiFi Direct / Bluetooth (you don’t even need to enter a password).
  • USB cable : some older printers allow you to print by connecting the USB cable directly to the smartphone (after purchasing the adapter), to manage the printing process without problems. It is currently the most uncomfortable and disused method.

Now that you know all the technologies used by printers and smartphones to print, find out in the rest of the guide, how to configure Android devices or an iOS device (iPhone, iPad) to send documents for printing.

How to print from Android smartphones

In order to print from Android it is necessary to add some plugins to the operating system, so that you can see and manage the print queue in an optimal way. Depending on the printer you use, you need to download the print plugins:

Once you have added the necessary plugins for the printers you manage, the rest is very simple: open the Settings -> Print menu , activate the chosen plugin and configure access with the printer present on the network or connectable via WiFi Direct or Bluetooth.

Now all you have to do is open the program with which to manage the document (for example a PDF, web pages, docx, etc.), open the menu at the top right and select “Print” to be able to print any document .

As an alternative to the official printing plugins, it is possible to use programs that virtualize the drivers by transforming the printer into an internal or functional network device directly via the Internet.

One of the Apps to print on any type of WiFi / Wireless printer is PrinterShare , available for download from the following link:

DOWNLOAD | PrinterShare

With this app, simply choose the technology with which to connect the printer, start the search and immediately associate it with the app, so you can use it to print anything (from other apps, simply use the Share  button to load any document into the app and start the printing process).

How to print from iPhone smartphone

If you own an iPhone, you can print using AirPrint technology , which is increasingly popular on printers and which allows quick configuration between devices on the same WiFi network or connected to the same router.

In order to print on the iPhone then you will have to open the document and touch the sharing icon of the App, then tap on Print ; in the menu select the Printer item , wait for the end of the search and select the printer compatible with Apple AirPrint.

The complete list of AirPrint compatible printers can be found on Apple’s official website:

LINK | AirPrint compatible printers

If you don’t know how to use AirPrint or you don’t have a printer compatible with this technology, you can still print using the paid app (but available on trial) Printer Pro:

DOWNLOAD | Printer Pro Lite (Free)

With this app you can print any document with any printer compatible with WiFi, Bluetooth, WiFi Direct or connected as a network printer to the router, without having to install any type of plugin.

How to print from smartphones with Google Cloud Print

As an alternative to the methods described, you can add your printer to Google Cloud Print; the Google service that allows you to print connected to the same network or even remotely and provides a high level of compatibility with any printer.

First, with a Google Account, open the Google Cloud Print page:

LINK | Google Cloud Print

If the printer is compatible with the cloud features of Google Cloud Print, just click on Add cloud ready printer ; if your printer is not compatible or you don’t know how to do it, just click on Add classic printer  or alternatively open the Google Chrome browser and type in the address bar.


You will have access to the screen where you can add any type of printer to the Google Cloud Print.

Follow all the steps described to finally have the printer in the cloud on Google. Once you add the printer to Google Cloud Print, simply add the Cloud Print app to your Android phone:

DOWNLOAD | Cloud Print (Android)

If you use an Apple device instead, Google Cloud Print is integrated into all the Google apps available for iPhone and iPad; all you have to do is open the document to be printed with one of the Google apps, tap Share -> Print and finally select Google Cloud Print to use the printer added to the cloud.


How to Reset iPhone Password | Forgot iPhone Password

Our article today would help you if you forget your iPhone code. Yes, we bring you a tip to reset the iPhone password in a few simple steps. 

How to Reset iPhone Password | Forgot iPhone Password
How to Reset iPhone Password | Forgot iPhone Password

We all know that iPhones have the most powerful security features and that it is difficult to break the security features of an iPhone.

If you have sometimes forgotten your iPhone password, you will be blocked by the following questions: “I forgot my iPhone password and what should I do now?” Or “Where should I go for help?” Etc. You don’t have to worry anymore because we present our article today “Forgotten iPhone Password: Step by Step Guide to Reset iPhone Access Code” to help you.

Forgot your iPhone code? Step-by-step guide to reset iPhone password

Now you can’t go anywhere like service centers or mobile repair shops, because with our tip today, you can easily reset your iPhone passcode. If you forgot the iPhone passcode, just follow the steps given and you can reset your iPhone.

#Method 1: When the password is not required.


  1. “Find my iPhone” should be activated.
  2. The iPhone must be synchronized at least once on your computer before.


  1. Connect your iPhone to your PC / laptop, which you have already synced to.
  2. Now open iTunes. If iTunes asks you to enter the passcode, follow the “# Method 3” section.
  3. If your iPhone is not responding, you need to synchronize it with the iTunes program on your PC / laptop.
  4. When synchronization and backup are complete, click Restore iPhone.
  5. Then a dialog will open. Just click on the option Restore from iTunes from there.
  6. With that, you’re all done!

# Method 2: When the search for my iPhone is activated.


  1. “Find my device” must be activated.
  2. Your iPhone must be synchronized at least once on your computer before.


  1. First, click on the given link find and get yourself Sign in with your Apple ID.
  2. After that, you need to click on the Find My iPhone option from there.
  3. Then click on All Devices.
  4. Now select your iPhone from the list.
  5. Then click on Erase iPhone
  6. If you want to restore your recent data, use the installation wizard to restore your recent data.

#Method 3: Unlock with recovery mode.

Use this method only when your device is disabled or you have not yet synced your iPhone with your PC / laptop. But with this process, you will lose all your data.


  1. First disconnect all cables from the iPhone. And turn it off.
  2. Now hold the home button for a while. Turn off your iPhone manually if it doesn’t turn on automatically.
  3. Press and hold the Home button until the message “Connecting to iTunes” appears on the screen.
  4. You will now see a message on your screen indicating that iTunes has detected a device in recovery mode. If so, click the OK button.
  5. Now click on Restore iPhone from there. And with that, you all did.

These were therefore the most accessible methods of the Step-by-Step Guide to resetting the iPhone password. You can try to use them according to your needs and your choice.

Final words

Follow above steps to reset iphone password. Thus we can easily change the password.

Google officially launches its alternative to Apple Arcade, Play Pass

Just a few days ago, Apple officially launched its update of iOS 13, a new version of the system with major changes for users such as the introduction of a dark mode or improvements in privacy such as “Sign in with Apple.” In addition, it also marked the beginning of the new services and the preparation of the land for new ones.

Google officially launches its alternative to Apple Arcade, Play Pass
Google officially launches its alternative to Apple Arcade, Play Pass

Google officially launches its alternative to Apple Arcade, Play Pass

Thus, with iOS 13 came to our Apple Arcade devices, a subscription designed to bring the best games to our screens.

Apple Arcade is the first time that a mobile game subscription service has been implemented in such a broad way. Of course, they are not the first to do so, and it certainly does not cost much to find alternatives, but Apple Arcade is the first that manages to offer a large selection of exclusive games of the best quality in an integrated way in the App Store platform. And of course, good ideas are soon replicated by the competition .

Thus, a few weeks ago we learned that Google was preparing a new subscription service called Play Pass . Thanks to Play Pass, Android users can access more than 350 games and applications at no additional cost.

And all without micropayments or additional subscriptions, only a payment of $ 4.99 per month. Well, after having successfully tested it, Google has decided to launch this new subscription, although not without inconvenience.

To begin with, the service will only be available in the United States at first, although it is expected to reach other territories in the near future. In addition, it is important that we keep in mind that Play Pass does not offer exclusive content , as does Apple Arcade, and that we can have the apps and games that it offers separately.

Even so, it is appreciated that they not only offer games, but also allow access to apps like AccuWeather with a premium experience, without advertising.

It may interest you | The iPhone 11 Pro Super Retina XDR screen is the best on the market, according to DisplayMate.

In short, Google also wants to offer its users a new way to enjoy the great creations of its developer community, with a model that encourages experimenting with new content. In this way, taking advantage of both Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass, creators will have new opportunities to share their apps and games and achieve success.

The Dark Mode for Secret iPhone that you don’t know

The dark mode for iPhone is one of the best features of iOS 13. The last generations of iPhone from the X (except 11 and XR) have brought OLED panels, which are highly benefited by dark tones. In addition, the trend was clear and it was impossible for Apple to ignore these requests.

The Dark Mode for Secret iPhone that you don't know
The Dark Mode for Secret iPhone that you don’t know

The Dark Mode for Secret iPhone that you don’t know

However, that there is a dark mode for iPhone does not mean that there are apps that do not have it implemented. Yes, the system acquires the dark mode, but not all apps are compatible. Is there any way to force the dark mode in our apps even if they don’t have it?

Yes, there is. It is a somewhat rudimentary option but if you do not want to live without the dark mode in your apps, there is a way to force that mode in all your apps. Mind you, keep in mind one thing: it may not satisfy you.

The dark mode for iPhone you didn’t know

In the iOS settings go to “Accessibility”, “Display and text size” and then activate “smart inversion”. This mode, as explained by Apple itself, inverts the colors of the interface except the multimedia applications. That is, if the app has a clear interface, then this mode will force it to black without negative images of it.

The truth is that this option needs some filming. Although in apps like Instagram we have not encountered negative images, in other cases like YouTube the interface is directly reversed to negative. This causes the entire interface to look bad, with the colors completely inverted making viewing impossible.

With various iPhone apps such as the clock or contacts we have not encountered problems. This means that third-party apps must adapt to this option, or adopt the dark mode at once. But anyway, in certain apps, it works great. If you want to have dark mode in all apps yes or yes, this is what you have to do.

Regardless of whether or not you want to use this mode, there is a complementary option that will help you strengthen the dark mode better. On more than one occasion the transparencies of iOS being as beautiful as they are have broken my aesthetics a bit, the consistency of the dark mode. If you want flat gray, there is an option to “deactivate” them, so that you get flat gray and black in the apps you are in.

The differences, as you can see, are notorious. Again this is a mode only for those who want the dark mode throughout the interface, regardless of which app you are in. But remember that it is not perfect and can give you mistakes.

OK Google | How it works on Google Home and Phone

Ok Google “. These days you have heard this phrase spoken many times by your friends and, intrigued by it, you did a search on Google to understand what this voice command is for and how to use it on your devices.

If things went right this way, I know so much that you’ve come to the right place at the right time!

OK Google | How it works on Google Home and Phone
OK Google | How it works on Google Home and Phone

Google Ok | How it works on Google Home and Phone

In the next paragraphs of this tutorial, in fact, I will be able to point you by wire and by sign how to use Ok Google on Android, iPhone and Google Home, the Smart speakers marketed by the Mountain View giant. You will see that, if you follow my instructions step-by-step, you will not have the slightest problem in completing your “business” today.

So, are you ready to start? Great! Make yourself comfortable, take all the time you need to concentrate on reading the next few paragraphs and, more importantly, use the “tips” I will give you. At this point, there is nothing left for me to do but wish you good reading and good luck for everything!

Preliminary information

Before going into the heart of this tutorial and seeing in detail how to use Ok Google , it is my duty to give you some preliminary information explaining what this function is, who can use it and how.

“Ok Google” is a function by which you can call up the Google Assistant without having to touch the screen and perform various actions using some voice commands. For example, you can search the Internet, set reminders, ask for weather information and much more.

To use them, you must have an Android device updated to at least version 4.4 of the operating system and you must have installed at least version 3.5 or higher of the Google app .

What do you need to do to use the Google Ok function? First you need to activate it, then you have to say the voice command ” Ok Google ” or ” Hey Google ” and start talking: let me guide you step by step in activating and using the function in question.

How it works Ok Google on the phone

Let’s see, first of all, how OK Google works on the phone . In the next few lines, I’ll explain how to use this feature on both Android and iPhone, and even how to call it up when the screen is off.

How to use Ok Google on Android

To use Ok Google on Android , you must first activate the function in question. To do this, start the Google app on your device, tap the button (…) Other located at the bottom right and, in the screen that opens, select the items Settings> Voice .

Therefore, select the Voice Match item in the Ok Google section and, in the screen that opens, move the switch lever next to the word Login with Voice Match to ON . In this way, when the screen is active, you can say the voice command “Ok Google” and start talking to the assistant.

If this is the first time you activate the setting in question, you will be asked to set a voice signature, to recognize yourself and activate the Google assistant when you call it back. In the screen that opens, you then tap on the Next button , read the conditions of use of the service, presses the button (⌵) , press the Accept button , pronounce the sentences “Ok Google” and ” Hey Google” by following the indications that appear on the screen and finally, tap the Next and End buttons to complete the operation.

At this point, you are ready to take advantage of the “Ok Google” function. When the screen is active, say the command “Ok Google” or “Hey Google” and, as “by magic”, you will see the Google Assistant interface appear on the screen: at that point, all you have to do is give the command desired voice and wait for feedback from the system.

How to use Ok Google on the iPhone

Do you want to use Ok Google on the iPhone ? Well, know that you can do this too. To do this, download the Google app on your “melafonino”, start it, press it on the button (…) Other placed in the lower right corner and, in the opened screen, you tap on the items Settings. > Voice .

Next, move the switch switch next to the word Hotword “Ok Google” to ON : in this way, when you use the Google app, you can recall the assistant simply by saying the command ” Ok Google” (instead of pressing microphone icon visible on the screen).

Unlike what was seen in the previous chapter on Android , on iPhone it is not possible to activate the function that allows you to use the Ok Google command on any screen. However, it is possible to create a Siri shortcut that allows you to do this.

To enable it, launch the Google Assistant app on your device, tap on the illuminated drawer icon at the bottom right and tap the Add button on Siri. Then you tap the red button to record the “Ok Google” voice command and, if the “Hey Siri” function is enabled on your device (in this guide I explained how to enable it), just say “Hey Siri, Ok Google” for call up the “Big G” voice assistant using Siri.

How to use Ok Google when the screen is off

Would you like to know if you can use Ok Google when the screen is off ? The answer is yes, but only for Android devices that support this feature. To take advantage of it, open the Google app again on your Android device, tap the button (…) Other located in the lower right corner of the screen and, in the screen that opens, select the items Settings> Voice .

Therefore, locate the Ok Google section located at the bottom of the screen, tap on the Voice Match item inside it and, in the opened screen, move the switch lever that is located at the voice Unlock with Voice Match to ON. .

Mission accomplished! Now you can finally unlock your device by saying the Ok Google voice command. Please note, however, that as I told you before, the feature that allows you to use the “Ok Google” command when the screen is off may not work properly on all Android devices. Understand?

How it works Ok Google Home

Do you have a Google Home device ? Well, then you know that, as I already mentioned in the introduction to the article, the “Ok Google” function is also available on the famous intelligent speaker of “Big G”. If you have already configured your device (if not, read the guide where I explain in detail how to do this), all you have to do is use the function that allows you to use it using voice commands.

To proceed, all you need to do is activate the voice assistant, saying the usual phrases “Ok Google” or “Hey Google” , and say the command you want to give (eg “Ok Google what do I do today?” Or ” Hey Google, what are today’s appointments? ” ). Simple, isn’t it?

If you want to stop Google Home, you just have to say the phrase “Ok Google, stop” or the phrase “Hey Google, stop” at any time.

For more information on how Google Home works , consult the guide I have just linked to and, if possible, take a look at this information page set up on the Google website.

Is Snapchat broken or not working? Here’s how to fix it

If you use Snapchat frequently, there will be times when Snapchat is down or not working. Maybe you have been unable to connect or have lost the ability to send messages. In either case, we are here to help you solve the problem when Snapchat is down or not working.

Is Snapchat broken or not working? Here's how to fix it
Is Snapchat broken or not working? Here’s how to fix it

What to do when Snapchat is down and not working

When Snapchat is down or not working, the most frequently asked questions by users are: “What’s wrong with my Snapchat?” And “Why does not my Snapchat work?” ? “If you can not send and receive Snapchats, you’re probably wondering what’s the same thing.

In this case, you can probably blame Snapchat’s servers, which means that millions of other people have the same problem. When Snapchat’s servers do not work properly, it’s usually because they are overloaded, under maintenance, or because of a technical error.

To check if Snapchat is down, go to Downdetector . This site provides reliable information about the status of apps and websites, including Snapchat. You can quickly determine if other users are experiencing the same problems and you can also view a fault map.

Unfortunately, you can not do much when Snapchat is down. Server errors are just one of many problems with Snapchat . So you’ll have to wait for Snapchat to solve the problem.

If you can not send messages in Snapchat

If you check Downdetector and still can not send or receive Snapchats, you probably have a problem with your phone or app. Follow these troubleshooting tips to get your application up and running again.

1. Turn on your Wi-Fi and check your Internet connection
This may seem obvious, but you should check your Internet connection. When you are not connected to Wi-Fi or do not have cellular service, you can not send Snapchats and none of them will charge.

Check if you have bad service. If this is the case, activate your Wi-Fi network or your data and connect to the Internet elsewhere.

2. Quit and update Snapchat
It is also possible that your application simply needs to be restarted. Close and exit your application, and then restart it. You can also try to sign out and sign in to Snapchat.

If Snapchat still does not work, visit the App Store or the Google Play Store to check for updates. Your application may be out of date, preventing it from working properly.

3. Clear your Snapchat cache
Snapchat stores your data in a cache, like almost any other application. Clearing the cache on Android and iOS is crucial for the performance of your phone, as well as for Snapchat.

From time to time, one of the files in the cache may be corrupted. The next time Snapchat does not work, go to your Snapchat app, go to your profile icon in the upper left corner of your screen, and click the gear icon in the upper right corner.

Scroll to Clear Cache (under the Account Actions heading ). Click Clear Cache > Continue . You will not have to worry about deleting your memories or saved snapshots.

4. Delete your Snapchat conversations
Removing Snapchat conversations can also help you start your application. Before doing this, just keep in mind that this will erase all open or unopened Snaps.

Open Snapchat, go to your profile and tap the gear icon to open your settings. Scroll to the Privacy header , and select Clear conversation . From there, you can click the “X” button next to your friends’ username to clear the conversations one by one.

5. Restart your phone
If all else fails, try restarting your phone. Sometimes the simplest solution is the one that actually works.

If your Snapchat continues to freeze

A Snapchat glitch can result in random blocking of the application. To resolve this issue, simply clear the cache by accessing your profile and selecting the gear icon in the upper right corner of your screen.

Once your settings are open, click Clear Cache > Continue . After restarting the application, Snapchat should no longer freeze.

If Snapchat does not let you take photos or videos

If you open Snapchat and see a black screen, it’s probably because you forgot to enable the camera permissions for Snapchat. You can view application permissions by checking the settings on your iPhone or Android.

For Android:

  • Go to Settings > Applications .
  • Find Snapchat in the list of apps and select it.
  • Click Permissions , and then enable the Camera setting .

For iOS:

  • Go to Settings > Privacy > Camera .
  • This will display the list of applications that have access to your camera. Once you have found Snapchat in the list, enable access to the camera.
  • If your Snapchat filters or lenses do not work
    You activate Snapchat only to find that none of the filters and lenses are working. This is a huge problem because there are tons of Snapchat filters and goals to play with.

To solve this problem, make sure you have a good internet connection. Filters and lenses may not charge without it. In addition to searching for an Internet connection, you should also try to update and restart your Snapchat application if necessary.

Some filters also appear only when you are at a certain location. To use geofilters, activate your location and be sure to let Snapchat use your location. Follow these steps to enable your location permissions (if you have not already done so).

For Android:

  • Go to your settings .
  • Click Apps > Snapchat > Permissions .
  • Activate the Location option .

For iOS:

  • Go to Settings > Privacy > Localization .
  • Find Snapchat and enable the Location setting .
  • If you can not connect to Snapchat
    Of all the problems with Snapchat, locking the account is probably the most irritating.
  • When you log out of your account, you may find that the application takes a long time to get frustrated to log back in.

In this case, Snapchat’s servers are probably down and you’ll have to wait for Snapchat to resolve the problem.

YouTube for iPhone activates HDR videos for the 11 Pro

If you are the lucky holder of an iPhone 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max, we have good news for you. The screen of these devices, as in previous generations, supports HDR content.

YouTube for iPhone activates HDR videos for the 11 Pro
YouTube for iPhone activates HDR videos for the 11 Pro

YouTube for iPhone activates HDR videos for the 11 Pro

Thanks to this compatibility we can enjoy high quality multimedia and for a couple of generations, the YouTube app for iPhone supports HDR videos.

Now said support has reached the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. For a few days users of the new Apple devices have noticed how their apps allowed to play videos in HDR (as long as the uploaded footage was compatible with it). Now the app is being updated and provides support for the new manzanita smartphones.

Keep in mind that this is not necessarily new; From the iPhone X the app could play content in HDR but it has had to be updated to support the new hardware that these screens have been bringing over time. Of course, this support does not reach everyone; iPhone 11 and iPhone XR run out of it.

YouTube for iPhone already supports HDR videos for the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max

Users of the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max who frequent MacRumors forums have seen how HDR videos have been activated in the YouTube app for iOS. This means that Google is finally giving the necessary support to Apple’s new phones to reproduce this type of content. Again, it is necessary that the content supports HDR, and also, not all iPhone can support it.

Specifically, the Apple devices that support this compatibility are those that have an OLED panel and have been launched since 2017. This leaves out iPad models that do not carry this technology and, especially, the iPhone 11 e iPhone XR “Cheap iPhone” will not be able to play HDR content on YouTube.

To enjoy this technology we simply have to go to the YouTube app, give the 3 dots in the upper right corner and select the resolution with the HDR offered by the footage.

If you have an iPhone 11 not Pro or an iPhone XR, we are sorry to tell you that you will not be able to access this compatibility. In the next few days you should receive the update of the YouTube app for iOS and enjoy HDR videos of the platform.

How to Change the Resolution and Quality of Videos in iOS 13.2 from the Camera App

We have been waiting for this kind of improvements for a long time and I think that Apple has decided to pay attention to the users and allow to change both the resolution and the quality of the videos we recorded from the iPhone from the device’s own camera application.

This function has appeared in the second beta of iOS 13.2 although, for now and we do not know if forever, it is only available for the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max.

How to Change the Resolution and Quality of Videos in iOS 13.2 from the Camera App
How to Change the Resolution and Quality of Videos in iOS 13.2 from the Camera App

Changing the quality of videos in iOS is now easier

The resolution that we can use in videos recorded by the iPhone depends directly on our device, but we have options ranging from 720p resolution and 30 fps to 4K resolution and 60 fps . So far if we wanted to change the quality of the videos recorded on the iPhone we had to go to Settings> Camera> Record video , with iOS 13.2 and the new iPhone is now easier.

As we can see, now in the camera interface the quality we have selected appears when we are going to record a video. We have on the one hand the quality of the recording and on the other the frames per second to which the video will be recorded. We can play in each of them independently to choose the desired quality and these are all available options:

  • 720p at 30 fps.
  • 1080 HD at 30 fps.
  • 1080 HD at 60 fps.
  • 4K at 24 fps.
  • 4K at 30 fps.
  • 4K at 60 fps.

It is a highly anticipated change that allows us to select the right quality depending on the moment . You may just want to record a video for social networks and with HD quality you have more than enough, but you may want to record another video in which you want the highest quality at 4K and 60 fps.

Until now you had to go to the iPhone settings before recording, but this is something that was not comfortable and practically nobody did . The normal thing so far was to leave a default quality regardless of the type of video you were going to record, now users of the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro can choose it from the camera.