How to Customize the WhatsApp Messenger

Customizing WhatsApp is an option that allows you to give the chat interface a facelift and change the appearance of the application to personalize it with more colorful themes, or with personal photos. There are also other options that will help us to adjust the use of the application to our preferences.

How to Customize the WhatsApp Messenger
How to Customize the WhatsApp Messenger

Below you can see which are the most useful functions that you can customize and the step by step to make the changes.

How to customize the different functions of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the instant messaging system most used by millions of people in the world. One of the reasons behind its success has to do with the fact that its design is simple and functional since it aims to adapt to anyone’s taste without much complexity.

On the other hand, one of the strengths is that it is atotally free messaging servicethat is also updated every so often including numerous improvements, so the options for use are increasingly wide. Below you will see how to customize many aspects of WhatsApp and adapt it to your style.

Change the wallpaper

  1. Access the Settings> Chats section
  2. From this section you will find an option to modify the wallpaper of the chats. You can choose any photo that you have stored on your smartphone

Keep in mind that when you select a background, it will be applied to all your WhatsApp chats and group conversations.

Change the sound of notifications

Another way that allows us to customize our WhatsApp application is the possibility of changingthe message notification tone. In order to modify this option we must click on Settings> Notifications.

The good thing about this option is that we can put the same melody that we have assigned to a contact when we receive a call from him, so we will know who has written a message before even looking at the screen. In the same way, we canassign a different melody to a group chat.

Add a description to groups

Another function that you can use in WhatsApp is toadd a description to the groups in which you participate. This option is very useful for other members to know what is being talked about in the group, in order to differentiate it and order it according to importance.

To do this you must go to the group, and click on the name. There a menu will appear in which you can find the section to add a description of the chat.

Extra: Applications to customize WhatsApp

There are a series of external applications that can help you customize certain aspects of WhatsApp that you cannot modify from the app itself.


WhatSmileyis the perfect application for those users who love to accompany their messages with a multitude of emojis. Specifically, here you will be able to find more than 1000 emoticons of all themes, perfectly organized so that you can easily locate them.

Stylish Text

Another option that is now possible to modify in WhatsApp is thetypography.And this is not possible from the official application, but you can do it through theStylish Text application. This free alternative allows you to type the text and modify it choosing from more than 100 different styles.

WhatsApp mods

What are WhatsApp MODS

WhatsApp MODS are versions of the application, which work in a similar way but add more functions or customization options.

In any case, they must be used with some caution since their use is considered unethical, in the sense that they would violate the terms of use of the official application. If you still want to try them, these are the most popular.

WhatsApp Plus

This is probably thebest known WhatsApp MODwhich stands out for maintaining very constant updates. One of the options that this version allows is to hide the “Online” status or select which of your contacts can access your profile photo.

On the other hand,WhatsApp Plus has many more emoticons, as well as different options to apply themes or fonts.


In this case, this MOD incorporates many interesting options that greatly improve the functioning of WhatsApp. In addition to allowing many more customization options.

On the other hand,YoWhatsAppsupports the option of knowing which of your statuses are online without having to enter the chats one by one.

Another of the positive points of this version is that it supports the sending of files of many different formats such as ZIP, DOC, PDF … even with a weight of more than 700 MB.


GBWhatsAppis one of the most popular MODs of the moment, through which you can access numerous new functions that make the use of WhatsApp much more personal and comfortable.

For example, it includes the option to change themes and has a very useful function that prevents the user from being banned for using this version.

Another of the most used features of this application is the possibility of being able to read messages without the sender knowing that we have done so with the double blue tick.

Now you know all the options available to have a fully personalized messaging service. Do not hesitate to take advantage of all the available functions to adapt it to your lifestyle and turn it into a friendly application.

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