Customize Your Artist Profile on Spotify (2023)

Currently, publishing our music on Spotify has become one of the main objectives to make our music available to everyone if we are composers or music producers. To manage our presence on the platform, the Swedish company offers us Spotify for Artists, a website and mobile app that allows us to create an artist profile on Spotify, and control it from a user account.

Customize your Artist Profile on Spotify – TUTORIAL Spotify for Artists (2023)

Customize your Artist Profile on Spotify – TUTORIAL Spotify for Artists (2023)

In this Spotify for Artists tutorial, we show you step by step how to request access and how to edit your artist profile on Spotify, thus obtaining the verified artist sign.

You will also be able to see daily streaming statistics, change Spotify profile photos, modify your biography, publish your upcoming concerts and access a good handful of quality information for the management and promotion of your musical project.

1. Spotify for Artists Tutorial: Have your music distributed on Spotify (prerequisite)

To claim your artist profile, you must have a song published on the platform. For this you must have distributed your finished musical productions to Spotify through an official aggregator/distributor.

If you haven’t done so yet, in this article you have all the information on how to choose the best digital music distributor for your project.

2. Request control of your artist profile through Spotify for Artists

The steps to follow to claim control and access to our artist profile are as follows:

1. We enter theSpotify for Artists website and click onGet Access” in the upper right part of the screen.(In this tutorial we use the website. In the mobile app, available in the Play Store and App Store, the options may vary)

2. We select whether we are going to control the profile as an Artist/manager (the one that will give us the most control) or as a member of the record label.

3. At this point it will ask us to log in with our Spotify user profile (the one you use to listen to music). If we don’t have an account, it gives us the option to create one through “Subscribe to Spotify” (you can control the artist profile through a free account without problem).

4. Once we have logged in, on the next screen (Claim an artist profile) as we mentioned previously, it tells us that we must have distributed our music on Spotify. We click onContinue“.

5. In the next step, after confirming that we are sure of the user account that we will use, it will ask us to indicate the artist profile (name of the group or singer) of which we want to request control. We will fill in the name and select the profile photo and name that corresponds to the artist on Spotify in the automatic search. (On Spotify there can be several artists with the same name).

6. Once the artist is selected, they will ask us for an email and send us a six-digit code as confirmation. At this point they may ask us for confirmation through one of the artist’s social networks (Twitter, Instagram…). Confirmation is done manually by the Spotify team so it may take a few days to complete.

Soon we will have access to the Spotify for Artists control panel through the “Log In” on the home screen.

3. How to edit my artist profile on Spotify with ‘Spotify for Artists’

Once we have access, we can go to the “dashboard” on the website or app and we will find the following options.Below you will see how to edit your artist profile on Spotify.

  1. Audience: analysis of our audience, places where our music is played, gender, age… (this data can be very useful to analyze our songs and take them into account the next time we start composing a song)
  2. Profile(screen that we can see in the image above). Here you can edit the Spotify artist profile and modify the following:
  3. Customize the “Header Image” ( background image or banner ) and “Avatar Image” (or Profile Image ) of Spotify.
  4. About: add or modify the text with your biography in the Spotify artist profile, add promotional photographs and links to Spotify and your social networks.
  5. Concerts: here you can link a songkick account so that your upcoming concerts appear on Spotify.
  6. Fans also like: artists that your followers also listen to (you will not be able to modify them).
  7. Artist Fundraising Pick: here you can request donations for your project or for a foundation.
  8. Latest Release: we see the latest song distributed by the artist.
  9. Artist Pick: it helps us stand out with a message to promote your music, a song or a playlist for a maximum of 15 days.
  10. ( Tripulante ) since you have come this far, and I have used it as an example, you can listen to and follow my project Tripulante on Spotify.
  11. Lists: It does not appear in the image above, but if you go down to the “Profile” section, you will find the place to create and link your own playlists or playlists. These will appear in the artist’s profile.

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