Tips On How To Delete Big Data Of Application On Smartphone?

In an Android smartphone, the application plays an important role because it can help users in their daily activities. So devices store the big data of applications which occupy the storage in device. Here is tutorial how to delete big data of application on smartphone.

Tips On How to Delete Big Data Of Application on Smartphone?
Tips On How to Delete Big Data Of Application on Smartphone?

Usually this application will contain various functions, ranging from editing documents, editing photos, playing games, playing videos, playing music, uploading on social media, taking photos, counting numbers, and much more.

Tips On How to Delete Big Data of Application on Smartphone?

With many of these functions, making Android smartphone users rely on applications every day. But sometimes there are applications that actually store very large data so it takes up an internal storage capacity on an Android smartphone.

This makes some people in Indonesia feel curious about how to delete application data to be able to make the internal storage capacity of his device relieved again.

Although the internal capacity of the smartphone becomes more relieved, the risk is that some of the cached data will be lost. For example, you will be told to log in again to an application that requires account access because the account and password reminder cache has been removed.

But the good news, some application data that is not too important will also be deleted. For that, for those of you who are curious about how to delete application data on an Android smartphone, you can view the tutorial as follows.

Delete Big Data Of Application on Smartphone

  1. On the home screen, you can choose the Settings menu or application
  2. Furthermore, you can search the Apps menu or Apps Manager (depending on the series and brand of the smartphone) in the Settings menu
  3. Then, you can search for applications that you want to delete data from
  4. After the application is selected, then you choose the Storage menu
  5. On the Storage page, you can immediately choose Clear Data
  6. Once selected, the smartphone will automatically delete application data and its cache.

Seen ways to delete this data can be done easily and quickly. But before deleting data from an application, you should think first because if the application requires an account it will automatically request a login.

But it is true that some people do application data deletion on smartphones with Clear Data because the size of the data has really almost used up internal storage capacity, especially Android smartphones with internal storage that have a small capacity.

For those of you who know other ways to delete application data on an Android smartphone then write it down in the comments column below.

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