How to Solve Gps Error on Android Smartphone

There are several factors that cause malfunction of applications on google maps for example such as the absence of a network when activating gps on an Android device.

How To Solve Gps Error On Android Smartphone

In addition, damage to the system of the device can also affect the cause of GPS on cell phones can not function properly. So how do I resolve Gps Error on Android that can’t be detected? Check out the review of the Android GPS error below.

How To Overcome Gps Error On Android

1. Restart Location Settings

The first step into the settings menu, then select general after that deactivate the location menu. Wait a minute about 10 seconds, after that try to reactivate.

If you have already tried restarting the Android device.

2. Clear Map Cache

If you have done the first way but have not produced results, then please try the next way, which is to delete data and data cache on the device used. Because often the existence of cache and cookies is also what makes the GPS system can not run normally.

3. Update the Maps Application

The third way may be the last way that can be done before deciding to do a factory reset which is usually used as a solution to overcome errors on Android devices.

Try to update the Maps application to the latest version. Updating the application may eliminate bugs / damage to the application. In addition users will also get the latest look and features from the application.

4. Factory Reset Android

If the method above has been done but can not overcome the problem of this GPS error then forced to have to do the last way, Factory Reset to return the Android device to its original settings/settings.

But before doing the Factory Reset method, make sure to back up all the data on the Android device to be transferred to a PC / computer so that data or files are safe. If you are then able to do a factory reset process.

Easy Ways to Overcome Gps Error on Android, hopefully this article can provide benefits for all readers.

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