The Dark Mode Of Facebook Is Here 2023

Dark mode of Facebook: The Facebook website as you knew it will change forever; This expected renewal will bring the web version to the app for iOS and Android, and in general, it will modernize an experience that has been anchored in the past.

The Dark Mode of Facebook is here, and it comes with a redesign

Like all renovations, we can expect all kinds of reactions for and against; There are those who say that it looks too much like Twitter, with a top bar of shortcuts to our “timeline”, the market and Messenger among others.

The content will be more important, with a central column that will host the stories and publications of our friends; and although the side access menu will be maintained, it will be larger and easier to use.

The dark mode of Facebook reaches the first users

But the big news that more people are waiting for is undoubtedly the dark mode. This may be the real reason for making the leap to the new interface; or at least, it will be for many people.

The benefits of the dark mode are still doubtful, but even if it does not help us sleep better at night, many of us prefer it for a simple aesthetic issue.

Like other “dark modes,” such as Twitter, it is not a simple matter of inverting colors. The dark mode of Facebook is based on several shades of dark gray for the different pairs of the page, for a more pleasant effect to the eye and even, we could say, more elegant.

The characteristic Facebook blue does not disappear completely, but it is relegated to small details, such as buttons and links; Apart from, of course, the logo of the page, which also seems to have received a major change.

The first users are already testing the dark mode, along with the redesign of the interface. At the moment, there seems to be no special method to test the new design, since it is Facebok that is sending invitations to users; therefore, if you are not on the list, it is unlikely that you can use the new version until later.

This is only the first public test of the new interface, and there are probably still a few months left until it reaches the whole world. In addition, it is very possible that we will see changes, depending on the reactions of these few users; although at the moment, these seem to be good.

In addition, even if you receive the invitation to try the new version of Facebook, at any time you can return to the traditional one; and hopefully, Facebook will offer this possibility at least during the first months after launch.

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