DAZN Assistance | How to Talk to an Operator

Let’s go back to talking about DAZN, in this article we will seehow to talk to a DAZN operator.

Its support service works very well and is accessible through in different ways. In this article, we will give youall the useful information to chat with ZEDand to speak directly with one ofthe DAZN call center operators.

DAZN Assistance | How to Talk to an Operator
DAZN Assistance | How to Talk to an Operator

Here’s how to talk to a DAZN operator

Dazn support via Email (reply within 24 hours): help@dazn.comordazi.support@performgroup.com

Dazn support via website: Through the official website, you can use the chat available located at the bottom right “Chat with us”.

The one who will talk to you is a virtual assistant that you can bypass simply by writing“Let me speak to an operator”.

It is not necessary to be a subscriber to speak to customer support but also if you are interested in the offer for the first time. Alternatively, you can fill out the“Contact”form and report your problem there specifying all the data to contact you again.

Social Contacts: You can also contact customer support on Facebook on their official page or by tweeting @dazn_help_ita on Twitter.

Just send a message to the page and you will receive an answer within 24/48 hours.

How to talk to an operator using ZED – how to troubleshoot with DAZN

It is possible that your problem has specificities that are not covered in the FAQ page of the DAZN website/app. If you cannot find assistance using the ZED chatbot algorithm, you can try talking to an operator.

To request a consultation with a ‘human being’, simply write the following message, “Talk to someone”. At this point, you will have to wait for a real operator to free himself.

Waits can also be very long and it is possible that ZED will issue the following message, “Unfortunately there are currently no operators available”.

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