DAZN | Complete Guide You Need To Know

DAZN is the new platform that in Italy will exclusively broadcast the entire Serie B, 3 Serie A matches and also other sports and leagues like the UFC.

DAZN | Complete Guide You Need to Know
DAZN | Complete Guide You Need to Know

DAZN The complete guide

Let’s see, however, in detail which games will broadcast, on which devices, prices and more.

What does DAZN transmit?

This new live and On Demand platform, similar to Netflix, will broadcast many sporting events and leagues beyond Italian football. DAZN has acquired the rights for the exclusive exclusive of theentire Serie B and 3 Serie A matches forthe next 3 years.

In addition, there will be On Demand the highlights of all Serie A matches,not live.

Some of the sports broadcast are these listed below, most likely others will also be added:

As you can see, the season ticket does not only include Italian football, but also other sports and championships such as Spanish and French. Recently entered also the most famous league in the world of MMA, UFC!

In addition to live events, there are On Demand sections that will allow you to see many of the events broadcast in replication whenever you want.

What games of Seria A will be broadcast?

During a Serie A day in total there are 10 matches, 7 will be broadcastliveon Sky and the remaining 3exclusivelyon DAZN.

These3 matchesa day that will be broadcast are: onSaturday at 20:30, onSunday at 12:30and one of those played onSunday at 15:00.

What devices is visible on?

DAZN currently supports many devices, let’s go see them specifically:

Going to see onthe international site(on the Italian one there is still a specific section) we find:

Smart TV (Amazon Fire TV Stick, Android TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, LG TV, Panasonic TV, Samsung TV, Sony TV), smartphones and tablets (Amazon Fire Tablet, iPhone, iPad, smartphone and Android tablet), PC ( Chrome, Firefox, Windows, Mac, Linux) and Xbox One consoles, Playstation 3 (on the international site is cited, on the Italian one not) and PlayStation 4 (Including X, S versions of XBOX and Pro of PS4).

On computers, all you have to do is go to the officialdazn.comwebsite to access the streaming, currently there is no PC app.

What connection do I need?

Taking as an official source the DAZN.COM site we find this information about the connection:

2.0 Mbps:recommended download speed for SD resolution (Standard Definition). This speed is ok for watching sports on the go on your mobile phone.
3.5 Mbps:recommended download speed for HD (High Definition) resolution. This speed is good for watching sports on mobile.
6.5 Mbps:recommended download speed for HD resolution and high frame rates. If you are watching sports on TV, this is the minimum download speed we recommend.
8.0 Mbps:recommended download speed for HD resolution, highest video quality and high frame rates.

To know how fast your connection is, you can dothis SpeedTest.CAREFUL!The speed test must be done on the device where you intend to watch DAZN, as each device manages to use the connection differently.

The results you will have will be like this:

How much does DAZN cost?

If I have already subscribed to Mediaset Premium or Sky?

The cost for those without Mediaset Premium or Sky is € 9.99 per month and includes the whole package. Currently there are no less expensive or more expensive packages.

Subscribers toMediaset Premium have the option of having DAZN free of charge, but only if you are a subscriber to Premium Calcio.

If you are aSkysubscriber , you will get a € 2 discount per month, with the option to pay € 7.99 a month. But you will need to be a Sky subscriber for atleast 1 year, otherwise you will pay € 9.99 like everyone else.

For a new account you haveone month freeto use, without the obligation to continue in the second month. So if you want to test DAZN for a month without paying you can do it!

How do I register?

You can register and then create your DAZN account via the officialdazn.comwebsite .

All the information in this article has been searched on the web, in case of inaccuracies errors or price changes I do not take responsibility. Always refer to dazn.com for official information before registering for a subscription.

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