Deezloader Download Free Music | PC, Android And Telegram

Do you want to download high definition music to listen to offline? It can be done with a simple application for Android, computer or bot for Telegram.

Deezloader download free music | PC, Android and Telegram
Deezloader download free music | PC, Android and Telegram


This software that we are going to see allows the download of songs, albums, and entire playlists to listen to offline on any device.

I remind you that the guide is for illustrative purposes.

Let’s see how Deezloader works on the various devices for which it is available.

If the Android version does not work you can use the Telegram bot, it works on all devices without downloading any program and without making any account.

Deezloader Android

Just download this simple app and you will have all the music you want in high quality with a simple click!

Deezloader remix comes with a simple graphical interface:

Given that the new version is called deezloder remix and no longer a Deezer downloader, it is very simple:

  • Download the APK file (Link for download, updated to the latest stable version for Android in APK format.)
  • Click and install it
  • Open it by clicking“open deezloader here” and log in with your account. Now, wait for the upload …
    IMPORTANT: The Deezer account must be registered from the official site and not from this app.
  • Search and download songs.FINISHED!

All the songs and albums you are going to download will be saved in theDeezloader or Music folder on your smartphone.

As you can see from the screens above the application is very simple but also very rich in features.

Surely it is a must-have for music lovers who use Android!

The application runs from the Android 5.0 version upwards, if you have a smaller Android version than the 5.0 then it most likely won’t work.

Deezeloader Windows, Mac and Linux

Deezloader is also available on a computer, specifically for Windows, macOS and Linux systems.

The concept and functions are identical to those for Android, you can still download albums, playlists, and songs including cover art and metadata.

Where do I find the download?

To always download the latest version, you must join the official Deezloader telegram channel:


In that channel, you find the file for Windows (32 bit is fine on any PC), version for macOS and also for Linux.

The Deezer account must be created from the official website and then log in.

Bot Telegram Deezloader

The only working version without login and on any device is the Telegram bot.

It works on any device, just have Telegram installed.

But it works perfectly without an account.

Deezloaderbot allows you to choose the quality of the music up to FLAT, if it is not available for download automatically in MP3_128.

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