Definition, Features and Functions of CorelDraw

The CorelDraw function is very important for a graphic designer. Currently, almost all information is packaged and displayed in attractive visual form, be it educational information or product promotions. Apart from being interesting, this information visualization also makes it easier for people to understand the information conveyed.

Definition, Features and Functions of CorelDraw

Definition, Features and Functions of CorelDraw

The reason is, currently people’s habits in receiving information have changed a lot. The ease of access and fast rate of information circulating in the media has a significant influence on people’s behavior.

They are now more interested in information that is short and easy to understand. So, what is the function of CorelDraw? Let’s look at the following information.

What is CorelDraw?

Before getting into CorelDraw functions, let’s get a little acquainted first. CorelDraw is a vector graphics editor developed by Corel Corporation of Ottawa, Canada.

This softwareis designed for editing two-dimensional images such as vectors, illustrations and photo editing, so many printing companies rely on it.

This software was first released on January 16 1989, and was developed for Microsoft Windows 2.1, Windows 3.1x, CTO and OS/2. Meanwhile, the latest version released by CorelDraw Graphics Suite 2021 is available cross-platform for users of Windows, MacOS, Websites, iPad and other mobile devices.

In this latest version, several new features are available such as dynamic asset management, online access to Google Fonts, image adjustments,live comments, workflow collaboration, drawing in perspective, autofit pages, multi-page display, export/import offont collections,multi- export.

CorelDraw Functions

In general, CorelDraw’s function is to help you create the visual designs you need. Some examples are as follows.

1. Create a logo design

A logo is a very important element in a company, business, brand, product or agency. Generally, a designer will use CorelDraw to create a logo according to their client’s order.

2. Brochure, Poster and Invitation Design

The next function of CorelDraw is to create an attractive design, whether for brochures, posters or invitations. You can use a combination of fonts and images witheye-catching color combinations.

3. Create a book cover design

An attractive book cover can help readers be interested and want to read the book. Even though there is a saying that says ”don’t judge a book by its cover“, in fact we always look at the cover first before deciding to read the contents.

By using CorelDraw we can create an attractive book cover design. Users can create various styles, ranging from simple impressions to quite complex designs.

4. Create an Illustration

CorelDraw can help us to create illustrations more easily. This CorelDraw function will combine vectors, images and various color options available in thissoftware. With the right combination, you can create a neat illustration.

5. Make Cartoons

By combining lines and curves, you can create an imaginative cartoon character using CorelDraw. If combined in an interesting storyline, it is possible that you can create your own animated cartoon or create a Webtoon-style comic.

CorelDraw Features

To support all the CorelDraw functions above, this software has several cool superior features. Here are some of the features.

1. Collaboration

CorelDraw provides collaboration features that can help users to work together with other users. Through this feature, you can view and edit one file with other users easily.

2. Alat Typografi

CorelDraw provides several typography tools that can help users create their own font creations by making the letters of thefont thicker or thinner.

3. PowerTRACET

The last superior feature is that it can convertbitmapsinto vectors in a more practical way. You can converta bitmapto a vector object and extract the center line of the bitmap orthe outlineofthe bitmap.

Advantages of CorelDraw

Behind the many functions CorelDraw offers, thissoftwarealso has many advantages. Here are some of the advantages you can get when using CorelDraw.

1. Easy to Use

CorelDraw makes it easy for users to operate all existing features. This can be seen from thehelp andonline assistance features. Apart from that, the interface provided by CorelDraw is also very pleasing to the eye, making the features easier to learn.

2. Complete file format for import and export

You need to know that CorelDraw has many formats for various data export or import purposes, even AI formats are available. This allows CorelDraw users to open theirfiles using Adobe Illustrator. Unfortunately, this does not apply the other way around, namely from Adobe Illustrator to CorelDraw.

3. Diverse Tools Collection

CorelDraw has very diversetools with various functions.There are several types of tools available in CorelDraw, namelyselection, editing,and effects. This is what makes many users find it easier to produce good and attractive images. Users can usethe toolboxaccording to their needs.

4. Simple Policy Forms

Another advantage of the CorelDraw feature is that users can create basic shapes more easily. Through this application, you can create a basic shape and then develop it into emojis, cartoon sketches, and stickers in various shapes.

The method is very easy, just drag and drop several shapes such as lines, ovals, ellipses and other shapes, you will create a unique and interesting object.

5. Make Mini Invitation Cards

For those of you who work as invitation card designers, CorelDraw is also very useful for helping you make mini invitation cards. With this application, you create a mini invitation card design with a more appropriate appearance.

To support this, CorelDraw has severaltoolsthat can be used to make invitation cards. Not only that, CorelDraw also provides quite a variety of color choices so you can create color combinations according to the desired theme.

So, that’s a complete explanation of the meaning, features and functions of CorelDraw that we can explain. To be clearer, you can try it yourself.

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