Delete or Disable an Instagram Account: Instagram It’s an increasingly social network. The figures of his evolution are impressive. Obtained by Facebook, Instagram Stylish social network based on photos and videos.

However, some users have tried the experiment but have not been tempted. You can then delete or disable your own account. We explain how to do it! Follow the guide!

How to Delete or Disable an Instagram Account
How to Delete or Disable an Instagram Account

In 2012 4 Months Facebook Bought an Instagram social network. At that time, a new social network centered on photography made of cardboard. Assets provide filters to share more photos than those found on other networks. To succeed Instagram, you need to know how to prepare for your shot.

Delete or Disable an Instagram Account

A few years later Instagram This continues to be an incredible success. 2018 6 Months Instagram This is worth up to 100 billion dollars. The app has new features, including stories inspired by other Snapchat social networks. Today Instagram The fastest growing social network. Instagram actually counts 1 1 billion users worldwide

Users even get Instagram jobs. Instagram or influential people share photos and videos on topics such as lifestyle, music, books, fitness, video games, and more. Medal Reverse Instagram Sincerely lost with time. For the average user, social networks have become a tool of depression more than anything else.

Instagram on We are not right. We are in a courtroom where everyone wears his mask and puts on his character. Instagram is the ideal social network to organize your life.

Lack of reliability, some users do not want anymore. They are throwing away little by little until they make a fundamental decision Please delete your account. Some sanitize their slate by deleting their account to make others. But how to delete an Instagram account? We show you what to do

Instagram: How to deactivate your account

-Before the delete step Some users start by deactivating an account. Make a little truce. For this, we instagram in the Web version without going through the mobile application. The procedure to follow is as follows:

-Open a web browser and start Instagram pages Click on the profile icon at the top right of the credentials window, select “Temporarily disable my account” under “Edit profile” and enter your password. pass to confirm your selection.

Deactivation is not permanent. You can reactivate your account by logging into Instagram Re-enter your username and password on the home page


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