Desktop vs Mobile Casinos: Canadian Edition

The iGaming revolution is really just one facet of the ever-expanding tech revolution. The proliferation of smartphone developments has given almost every other device a run for its money. Just over half of all streamed TV shows and Movies are watched on phones. As a cinematic purist, this is a little.. Terrifying?

Desktop vs Mobile Casinos: Canadian Edition
Desktop vs Mobile Casinos: Canadian Edition

Desktop vs Mobile Casinos: Canadian Edition

When it comes to iGaming however, the shoe not only fits but it is pimped out too. Pretty much all major online casino companies offer mobile apps and have filled them with games exclusive to those apps.

The convenience of being able to gamble from home was what made desktop gambling such a phenomenon. But now mobile casinos have done the industry one better making gambling possible not only from home but from anywhere!

If somehow you are one of the few people who hasn’t checked out what all the hype is about then here’s a list of the top casinos in Canada.

Case for laptops

But is it a handsdown win for the mobile or is the desktop not dead yet? If you value more advanced games with graphics and sleeker animation then the computer is still superior, unless you want a ridiculously expensive phone.

This is especially true if you are the kind experience oriented player who is in it for the vibe and not just the jackpots. Short of virtual reality headsets, the best way to simulate being in a casino is with a full blown computer, not the miniature pocket computers we call phones.

If you are somewhat of an in-betweener when it comes to what you get out of iGaming then the device of choice will depend on the kind of game you are playing and when.

If you are taking a long cab ride for example and are talking with the driver then mobile slots would be a satisfying and appropriate option because it does not need one hundred percent focus.

If you are having an epic black jack show down then, not only is that going to require your full attention but is not going to be done justice on that size screen.

The game selection is actually larger on laptops too. This is purely because the games with more advanced software can be factored into the capacity. These games are also arguably the best, if one values technological advancement when iGaming.

In line with smoothness and speed is response time. This can save you hair-pulling moments, even on the slots timing counts.

Case for mobiles

As for technological advancement and the more impressive software being a boon exclusively associated with RAM and PC storage, this may not be the case forever. Consider how far mobile’s have come throughout their history, and there’s only room for onwards and upwards.

The least of which will be closing the gap between what can be done with a phone and what with a desktop. Lagging response times will be a thing of the past before long.

In fact, OLED screens have been developed to be brighter, energy efficient and adaptable to the different site’s software. As for response time, Snapdragon processors offer desktop speed response times on mobile.

This is a chip processor using ARM architecture to offer an engine with low latency, anti-aging technology and a smart-system that allows more phone apps to run in the background and allows for functional fluidity.

The only thing that won’t change too much is the size of the screen but, who knows, people might evolve to have their eyes closer together or something?

The size difference is certainly the main bonus for using a phone to gamble at the end of the day. Maybe you work in an office that checks the activity of the desktops or even has a restricted internet so you would not be able to reach an online casino.

Even on your break, of course gambling when you should be working cannot be condoned… but with a phone one can gamble in the staff room, taking five to recharge before going back into shift. That may well not be possible with a computer.

Equally playing whilst driving cannot be condoned, but if you are in gridlock traffic back and forth for a few hours you will have a much better day if you have a few gambling apps downloaded! A pocket sized portal to the wagering world is a peerless feature that many would agree makes it the superior device.


When it comes to online casinos having a good wifi connection is essential to both the enjoyment and the efficacy of the betting. It is a moot point for either device as it depends on the situation.

If your PC is not a piece of trash and is hooked up via ethernet or your router is powerful then it will not be surpassed. But with a good data deal you are set anywhere whatever the weather, even if you are at home and the WIFI goes down.

Gambling on your phone is a great experience that should be at least experimented with… But it has not replaced Desktop gaming just yet!

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