How the Smartphone Tech Improved Mobile Phones

Phone makers have become very successful in designing smartphone features that have become multi-purpose communication devices. Even with their high success rate, they are always looking to produce better smartphones to beat their competitors and satisfy consumers. Keep reading this article to know some of the smartphone tech innovations.

How the Smartphone Tech Improved Mobile Phones
How the Smartphone Tech Improved Mobile Phones

How the Smartphone Tech Improved Mobile Phones

The following are some of the improvements made in mobile phones with smartphone technology:

  • Entertainment features
  • Electronic messaging
  • Media features
  • Appearance
  • Location-based hi-tech
  • Biometrics tech

1. Entertainment Features

Before the introduction of smartphones, game lovers could only visit land-based casinos to play their favorite casino games. However, today, you can play your favorite casino games at the famous The Clubhouse casino using your smartphone.

As long as your smartphone is internet-enabled, you can have access to various types of casino games without restrictions or interference anytime and anywhere. Besides that, smartphones come with inbuilt music players in the form of application software.

2. Electronic Messaging

Mobile phones started as telephones, which were only used as devices for calls and text messages. However, today’s smartphones have more capabilities that enable operators to do more with their devices than the traditional functions. One of the improved capacities of smartphones is the ability to send emails.

In the past, people used immobile computers to send emails but since the introduction of smartphones, emails can be sent and received anytime and anywhere.

3. Media Features

In the past, digital cameras were the only means of taking photographs. However, you can take pictures with your smartphone and share them with friends using a photo-sharing app like Facebook.

Aside from that, advanced technologies like audio and video recording were also included in smartphones to improve their functions.

4. Appearance

This is one of the major improvements made to smartphone tech. Over the years, phones have changed smoothly from the old candy-bar version which had lots of keypads to the touch screen smartphone.

The in-vogue touch screen smartphones are light weighted and are easily operated compared to the older phone versions. You can easily make your smartphone keypads visible when required and hide them when it’s not in use.

5. Location-Based Hi-Tech

Smartphones come with location-based hi-tech which are utilized in telematics to indicate the whereabouts of resources and people.

This tech is vital to businesses like transportation services, internet marketing, advertising, etc. The operation of this tech is made possible with the use of geofence, which is a virtual boundary for real-life geographical areas.

6. Biometrics Tech

Securing the personal information of users is very important so smartphone makers employed biometrics tech to protect their consumers.

The most common biometrics tech used in smartphones includes vocal recognition, facial verification, iris recognition, fingerprint scanning, signature identification, and hand geometry verification. These techs are efficient systems for reliable verification and data security.


The introduction of Smartphones has improved the usage of mobile phones, as they have so many amazing features. Today, mobile phones are beyond communication devices. You can take pictures, record both audio and videos, and play online and downloadable games with the use of your smartphones.

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