Differences Between Online and Live Bingo

BINGO! The well-known entertainment option is one of those games that is as fun online as it is offline. Bingo, like many casino games, can be traced back to Italy.

In fact, it wasn’t even called bingo back then. In the 16th century, it was referred to asIl Gioco del Lotto d’Italia.Of course, the game has changed a lot since then.

Differences Between Online and Live Bingo
Differences Between Online and Live Bingo

Differences Between Online and Live Bingo

The modern game simply consists of a card, where you mark off numbers if they match the ones called out. Online bingo came to the internet in 1996, when it was a much slower and less vibrant place.

Since that time, it has expanded into a massive form of entertainment played globally. The online version shares many similarities with the live version, but what are the differences between the two?

Online and Live Bingo
Online and Live Bingo


The major difference between the online sphere and the live one is the setting. Playing bingo in a physical space requires a great deal more effort than it would online. There are so many things to consider that you just wouldn’t have to in online gaming.

For example, to play online bingo, all you need is an internet connection, be old enough to play, and a device to connect with. When playing in a live setting, you need to find an organized bingo hall, which can sometimes be a community center.

The benefit of playing in a bingo hall, though, is the atmosphere. There is often music playing, and even the announcer will add certain humor to the event.

Plus, you can’t replace someone shouting “BINGO!” once they’ve won. However, online bingo can be played anytime, anywhere, and the ease with which you can join games is fantastic.


One of the most substantial differences between the two is the speed of the games. When you attend a live bingo hall, entertainment is often at the forefront of the agenda. People aren’t leaving their homes to be finished with a game as quickly as possible.

Therefore, you might have some dragged-out calls, sideshows, and exchanges between players. Online is done using a random number generator, which means it won’t be delayed by someone calling out the numbers and making a joke along the way.

It’s much more efficient, and the system can call out a number as fast as every three seconds. Some people use this to their advantage and play multiple games at once.

Online and Live Bingo
Online and Live Bingo


The difference in prizes is particularly noteworthy when comparing the two. For online bingo, the reward is always guaranteed eventually. Online bingo offers bigger prizes because it uses a progressive jackpot system.

A progressive jackpot works because for every ticket sold for a jackpot game, a percentage is taken. These jackpots will accumulate every time until there is a winner, so sometimes the rollover can be massive.

Live bingo event prizes are usually made up of the sum of the tickets sold for that event. That means that the winnings will depend on the size of the crowd of the event you are at. Some bingo halls draw a large number, so they are a good option to go to.

Bingo is one of those games that can be played anywhere and with anyone. The beauty of being to play online now with any device means that you have the option of playing on your phone on the bus, or with your friends and family together in a bingo hall.

Whichever way you play, you’re bound to have a good time, but being wary of the differences will help you decide what’s right for you.

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