How To Disable Mac Password Step By Step

Disable Mac Password: You want to know how to disable the Mac login password, this simple and fast guide is just for you. Compared to the past, the possibility of disabling this annoying ( although useful for your safety ) function is slightly more complex .

How to Disable Mac Password Step by Step

So let’s see how to disable Mac password, don’t worry, the procedure is very simple and immediate! Warning! Disable this feature only if you use your Mac in safe places.

How to disable Mac password

  • Open system preferences.
  • Now selectSecurity and Privacy
  • Now click on the general panel.
  • To make the changes you need to click on enable changes at the bottom left and log in.
  • Now to conclude, remove the check mark on request password after stopping or starting the screensaver.

Now there is no need to log in every time your Mac goes to sleep or screensaver.

How to remove it at startup

Remember that the password will still be required when the Mac starts up. If you want to disable this function as well, you will have to uncheck the disable automatic login always in Security and privacy.

However, I repeat that the ability to enter a password on your Mac is very useful for your security. So, only disable this feature if you are sure you are in safe places and away from prying eyes.

Well, we have seen that disabling the Mac password is a very simple procedure and within everyone’s reach. Finally, I remind you that you may also be interested in the following articles about the Mac:

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