Having A VPN On The iPhone Is Synonymous With Privacy And Security

Virtual private networks, or VPN as they are usually known, have been extended during the last years as they give us extra security and privacy when we surf the internet.

Having a VPN on the iPhone is synonymous with Privacy and Security
Having a VPN on the iPhone is synonymous with Privacy and Security

Privacy has become one of the values ​​most appreciated by users in recent years after very popular scandals of well-known social networks and a VPN is a fundamental help.

Our privacy on the internet is perhaps more fragile than we think . Our searches, our likes in social networks, who we follow, everything is analyzed to show us adequate advertising to our interests and avoid this tracking is not easy.

Precisely for this reason, VPN networks appear, a local network that helps us to “relocate our connection” and acts as a filter that sits between our iPhone and these trackers . It is becoming increasingly essential to have a VPN installed on the iPhone and fortunately doing so is very simple.

How to use a VPN on the iPhone

As we have said, with a VPN we will be safe from any type of tracking since we will communicate with an external server that acts as a “bridge” between our device and the rest of the internet . Another great function of VPNs is the possibility of simulating our location and being able to access content that is not available in the country in which we are.

For several versions of iOS, installing a VPN on our device is really simple and we can enable and disable it whenever we want.

  • Once we have downloaded the VPN app on our iPhone.
  • You must accept that the app adds VPN configurations, do not worry it is necessary for it to work.
  • The iPhone will ask for our unlock code.
  • In the app we must configure the server we want to connect to and everything will be ready.
  • From Settings> General> VPN we can see the different servers to which we connect as well as choose if we want to connect to the VPN or not, it is not necessary to enter the application and everything can be activated and deactivated from the iPhone settings.

Also in the status bar an icon will appear next to the Wi-Fi connection or next to our operator with the acronym VPN, if this appears it means that we are connected and, therefore, our data and searches are safe.

As we have commented, with a VPN our privacy is multiplied since all the connections go through a server that encrypts all the information of our searches, or anything else we do on the internet, before anyone can track it and how we see using a VPN on the iPhone is something really simple and totally transparent to us.

Once our connection is configured, it will be much more private and everything will happen in the background, no matter if you go online or on Facebook, your information will now be much more secure.

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