How To Download And Access Complete Offline W3Schools

What is W3Schools

W3Schools is the best site for learning programming, especially for beginners. W3Schools gets more than 35 million pageviews every month and is one of the most popular web development sites on the internet.

How to Download and Access Complete Offline W3Schools
How to Download and Access Complete Offline W3Schools

W3Schools provides learning about programming languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, SQL, JQuery, and Bootstrap. Like a school in general, you can take a test of the programming language along with answers and directly practice the programming language you want to learn.

So many useful tutorials especially for beginners who want to learn programming. But did you know that you can access W3Schools without using the internet. Therefore we will provide tutorials on how to access W3Schools offline.

Steps to Download and Access Offline W3Schools

  1. Download the offline version of W3Schools first, via the link Download Offline.
  2. After the file has been downloaded successfully, you must extract the file using winrar or 7-zip .
  3. Go to the W3Schools folder then open the index.html file using your favorite browser like
  4. Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  5. Now automatically W3Schools will open in your browser offline.
  6. You can test the performance of the offline version of W3Scools by clicking “Try it Yourself”
  7. Enter the programming language code you want to learn

W3Schools Featured

A little extra for those of you who want to know deeper than W3Schools. W 3Schools has 3 excellent features to support the needs of novice programmers who want to become professionals, including:

1. Try it Yourself feature

As I explained a little above, that this feature serves to directly practice the programming language that we want to learn. The Try it Yourself feature functions to practice HTML, CSS and Javascript that functions for the development of a website. For other programming languages ​​you can learn in theory.

2. Color Picker Feature

If you want to try color variants of Hexa numbers there is the Color Picker feature . Of course with the right color combination can enhance the appearance of the web page being created. In this feature you can try directly from the hexa color or number, if it matches, just copy the hexa number and paste it on your CSS.

3. W3 School Online Certificates

This feature can only be accessed online by paying a sum of money to be able to do tests and get a W3Schools certificate. The W3Schools certificate is of course international standard and can certainly be one of the provisions for applying for a job as a programmer. There are many types of certificates in W3Schools ranging from HTML, CSS, Javascript to Bootstrap. Before doing the exam, please study first.

That is a tutorial on how to download W3Schools offline along with a deeper explanation about W3Schools. Hopefully what is conveyed in this article can be useful for all of us. Don’t forget to share with your friends who want to learn programming languages.

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