How to Download and Install Netflix Cookies

Enabling cookies to use Netflix is one of the necessary requirements if we want to enjoy all the functionalities of this service. The reason is that, if cookies are disabled, Netflix will not be able to save information on the computer, therefore video playback will not be possible and an error message will appear.

How to Download and Install Netflix Cookies
How to Download and Install Netflix Cookies

How to Download and Install Netflix Cookies

There are also services that allow you to download specific Netflix cookies in order to view the content for free. In any case, these are the procedures you must follow to enable cookies:

Enable Netflix cookies in Google Chrome

In order to enable Google Chrome cookies, you must follow the steps indicated below:

  • Go to the icon with a key that you will find in Google Chrome, specifically in the upper right part. Select “Options” (for Windows) or “Preferences” (for Mac)
  • Then you must select«Advanced»> »Content configuration»> »Cookies»
  • Finally, you must select the option “Allow setting local data” and disable “Delete site cookies and other plugin data when closing the browser.”

How to delete cookies in Chrome

If for some reason you do not want your stored data to be recorded, there is the possibility of automatically deleting it every time you close the browser. The steps to follow are those:

  1. Go to theMenubutton> Settings
  2. Select the option toShow advanced settings> Content settings
  3. Make sure to check the box ”Save local data until I exit my browsing session” and confirm

From this moment you will not have to worry about your privacy since all cookies will be eliminated automatically.

Cookies download websites for Netflix

There are a number of websites todownload Netflix cookies and thus be able to enjoy free content. These websites provide the cookies of legal accounts that Netflix has contracted and that share their data so that other users benefit.

The advantage that these users get is an advertising banner that brings them some benefits. However, you must bear in mind that the use of these cookies must be done under the responsibility of each user. In any case, these are the links that will help you see the contents of the platform

Install Netflix cookies from download websites

  • You will have two options to be able to install the necessary cookies to use Netflix from the Chrome and Firefox download websites:
  • If you use Chrome you must copy the Netflix cookie text and install theEditThisCookie extension. When opening Netflix, you only have to copy the text of the cookie in this extension and update the browser.
  • If you use Firefox you must download the cookies and copy the text that appears. Next, download the Import / Export extension in the browser, import the cookie text with Netflix open and you will be able to watch Netflix.

Now you know how to have Netflix cookies enabled and how to access all available content, simply by installing them on your computer.

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