Download Android Multi Tools V1.02b | 100% Working Guide

Hello friends, if you have forgotten your password and want to reset your phone, Android Multi Tools for PC is a solution for you. In this article, we will show you how to use Android Multi Tools for Windows and how to download it easily.

Download Android Multi Tools v1.02b | 100% working guide

We mentioned a list of instructions for managing Android tools and drivers. We also created a download link to download Android Multi Tools for Windows.

Download Android Multi Tools v1.02b

Here is the list of instructions to follow correctly to make the best use of the Android Multi tool. As Android Multi tools can reset your phone, you must be more careful because it can erase all data from your mobile. Just follow the instructions given below carefully.

Download Android Multi Tools v1.02b


How to use Android Multi Tools v1.02b

  1. First, download the Android SDK on your PC.Click hereto download.
  2. Then download Android Multi Tools on your computer. You can download it from the link above.
  3. Now enable the USB debugging option in your phone’s settings.
  4. Then connect your mobile to your computer via a USB cable.
  5. Once done, open the Android Multi Tools v1.02b folder that you have already downloaded
  6. Now open the Android Multi Tools v1.02b.exe file and start the installation process.
  7. You will see a similar window at the command prompt shown below.

Note that pressing the number 5 or 8 will delete all data on your mobile phone.

ADB and Fastboot drivers

Here we will explain how to easily install ADB, Fastboot and drivers. We mentioned a few steps to do it.

  1. First, download the ADB installer by clicking here.
  2. Then run it as an administrator.
  3. Then, press Y / Yes to install ADB and Fastboot and N / No to skip the installation.
  4. Now, press Y / Yes to install ADB on the whole system and press N / No only if you are a current user.
  5. Then press O / Yes to install the drivers and N / No to ignore the driver installation.
  6. And then continue the driver installation process. And you all finished.

Note: If the Google USB driver is already installed on your system, uninstall it first. You can uninstall it from the Control Panel. After uninstalling completely, reinstall it following the procedure above.

Final words

At the end of this article, I want to thank you for visiting here. Keep visiting here for more technical updates. We will do our best to serve you best. I hope you enjoyed our article today on the Android Multi Tool for Windows.

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