Download FMWhatsApp APK For Android

FMWhatsApp APK for Android: Each company launches its product to meet the needs of users. The same goes for WhatsApp, but nowadays, it seems that users are not satisfied with WhatsApp.

Download FMWhatsApp APK for Android
Download FMWhatsApp APK for Android

Take your example, you are here because, you want something more interesting thanWhatsApp, a liberal with restrictions and policies.

From there, you will not come back with disappointment. Some developers have identified the flaws of the official WhatsApp application and, with some modifications, they have developed a mod version called ”FMWhatsApp“.

FMWhatsApp APK for Android

FMWhatsApp for Android is an alternative application for WhatsApp but its internal structure is that of WhatsApp. We call it an alternative to WhatsApp simply because there is no usage restriction, unlike WhatsApp. FMWhatsApp is as reliable as WhatsApp but it offers much more than does official WhatsApp.

  • Here are some features that WhatsApp does not have to offer:
  • You can not download someone’s status.
  • You can not send high quality images.
  • Online status can not be partially hidden.
  • You can not customize the security settings after an extension.
  • Non-customizable user interface.
  • You can not even block someone’s calls.
  • The Always Online feature is missing.
  • You can not partially hide your blue ticks and double ticks.

This list can go on and on, that’s what I feel about official WhatsApp. I know you must have something unique to add to the list above.

FMWhatsApp is something you will love to use. He has nothing to disappoint. FMWhatsApp gives you all kinds of options to customize the settings according to your needs.

FMWhatsapp Download

Features of FMWhatsApp application

In addition to the internal changes made to the application, several features are only available on FMWhatsApp. Few of them are mentioned below:

Anti-deletion messages

Recently, WhatsApp introduced the delete messages feature. Thus, senders may not send the message if they wish. This creates excitement in the receiver because he can not read it. FMWhatsApp gives you the ability to read the deleted message. Is not it great? more ask the sender.

Anti-deletion status

Another feature that records the recipient, through this feature, you can see the deleted status of your contacts. Suppose you contact a status that you downloaded and then deleted. For WhatsApp users, it will disappear, but for users of FMWhatsApp, it will remain as is.

Disable the message transfer label

Again, WhatsApp has introduced a feature called “Transfer Label”. This tag will be automatically attached to the forwarded message so that the recipient can filter it. But on FMWhatsApp, you must disable this tag.

Only selected users can call you

On FMWhatsApp, you can choose which contacts can call you. The rest, the other will be blocked. What’s nice is that these stuck contacts can converse with you but can not call you until you’ve unlocked them.

Send a message to someone without saving it on your phone

My personal favorite feature that FMWhatsApp offers to its users. You can simply contact anyone simply by their contact number. You do not need to save it to your phone with a name that has been assigned to it. It is something of great need.

These are just a few of the features, this list can also be infinite. The more you use FMWhatsApp, the more you’ll understand why it’s so much better than Official WhatsApp. To a certain extent, FMWhatsApp is better than YOWhatsApp and the other mods available on the market.

So I hope you are convinced enough to install FMWhatsApp on your smartphone. I can assure you that you will not regret this decision until something new has entered the internet, offering something more interesting than FMWhatsApp. But before that, let’s explain the process of installing the app on anAndroid smartphone.

How to download and install FMWhatsApp

First, before downloading anything from the Internet, make sure that a particular vendor is a reliable source and does not receive bad reviews.

Sometimes, providers provide a file infected with malware, which can damage our device and make it worse. Therefore, always prefer to download the APK from a trusted provider.

  • Visit the official website and choose the most appropriate and most recent version of FMWhatsApp based on your smartphone.
  • Save this APK file on your device.
  • Navigate to the Downloads folder or the folder where you saved the APK file and click on the APK file.

In case of error, you have disabled the option “Install from an unknown source”. You must make sure that it is enabled because otherwise you can not install any application using their APKs.

If this option is disabled, you can only download and install apps from the Play Store. Due to a policy violation, FMWhatsApp is not listed in the Play Store.

  • Let the installation process begin, grant all the permissions requested by FMWhatsApp during the installation. When using FMWhatsApp, you do not have to feel unsafe because it respects your privacy and is as secure as an official WhatsApp.
  • The installation process will end automatically and you can then simply launch FMWhatsApp on your Android phone.


Congratulations, now you’re out of bounds that WhatsApp has defined around you. Now, on FMWhatsApp, you are free to complete your task. The developers created this application only for you to feel compliant and to make your user experience run smoothly.

A little quick tip that I would like to give you, before installing FMWhatsApp for Android, if you can uninstall WhatsApp, then get rid of it. Sometimes what really happens is that WhatsApp creates problems during the installation process.

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