How to Download Music by Torrent for Free!

Downloading music from uTorrent is one of the easiest ways to make this type of file available for free. Downloads are made through P2P protocols by connecting computers.

How to Download Music by Torrent for Free!
How to Download Music by Torrent for Free!

How to Download Music by Torrent for Free!

To facilitate the search anddownload of music, photos, movies or other types of files,torrent websitesand programs that access these databases, calledBitTorrent, emerged.

All these connection points comprise a network that allows you todownload informationwithout the dreaded connection failures interrupting the process and you have to start over from scratch.

How uTorrent music download works

Basically, with the torrent protocol, people share files (in this particular case, music) through servers called trackers so that other people can download the files. You must handle thesebasic terms when searching for torrents:

  • Seeds: These are the users who share a file, that is, who have already downloaded it previously and make it available to those who want to download it.
  • In torrent sites it appears as SE, other times Seeds and in other cases a simple S. If there are 0 seeders you cannot download that file because no one is sharing it, so it is extremely important that you take this aspect into account.
  • Leechers: They are the users who request a file, this will be your case since your goal is to download music through torrents. If there are more leechers than seeders, the torrent can still be downloaded, but the download could be somewhat slow. If there are many seeders and few leechers you will have a download with very good speed. This data appears in the list of results as LE, leechers or simply an L.

Whenlookingformusicto download via torrent it is important that there are a good number of people sharing the file (seeders).

Virtually all torrent sites allow you to sort the list of results by number ofseeders, we recommend yousort the list from highest to lowest.

It is important that you pay attention to this one detail when searching for music on a torrent site: files with0 “seed”cannot be downloaded.

The best sites to download music by torrent for free

Now that you have theuTorrentprogramto download music, you need to access a torrent search engine that will allow you to download music through trackers.

The tracker is a server on the internet that contains the information necessary to connect you to other users who save the music you want to download on their computers. Thanks to this operating mode, music willalwaysbeavailable aslong as other users share it.

In this list that we will present you will find thebesttotally free and workingmusictorrent pages. They provideindividual songs aswell asfull discsby various artists. Some sites also have a whole directory of music categorized by genre, artist, compilations by period and style, and so on.

The pirate bay

It can be said with certainty thatThe Pirate Bayis the number 1 torrent site and is the one that encompasses the largest number of servers (trackers) available on the internet. In Pirate Bay it is possible to find content of all kinds, including music.

When accessingThe Pirate Bayyou can go to the “Browse Torrents” section and then access the “Music” section which is located under the heading “All”.

Entering the music section you will be able to explore the most downloadedmusic torrentscurrently; although remember to sort the list by number of seeders (people who are currently sharing the file) by clicking on the “SE” column, from highest to lowest.

Of course, you can also use the search engine on the main page tofind any song, movie, book and everything you need to download through this medium.

The only downside toThe Pirate Bayis that its original site is not always available due to copyright claims. For this reason, a large number of proxies (“mirror” sites) have been created in order to have several alternatives to access this service.

A site that collectsThe Pirate Bayproxy sites, it offers a list of clone sites that you can access without problems.


Another of the referencetorrent sites to download musicon the web is without a doubtExtratorrent. And it is that this portal offers not only music but also other content that in many cases originate exclusively in this place since it has a large community of users.

When entering the site, you simply have to navigate to the ”Music Torrents” section and click on it. You will be able to see the list of the most downloaded music at the moment. In addition, you can use the site’s search engine to find your favorite song.


One of thebest sites todownload musicfromtorrentnetwork is KickassTorrents. This website has the particularity of showing the time that has passed since themusic you want to download for free has been uploaded in the “Age” column.

To access KickassTorrents, you must go As the address of the service is constantly changing (for legal reasons), the aforementioned site keeps updated with the information about which is the official address of KickassTorrents right now.

Maybe you find that the classicdomain Kickasstorrents.todoes not work, but do not worry, because they usually change it or have several assets in case their page is deactivated, anyway it will be indicated on the main page of the site linked above.

TIP: When entering what you want to download, look above and click on the “magnet” that we show you, so the download will start directly and you will not have to go through the annoying advertising that keeps thesetorrent websites.


DirtyTorrents is a unique service since like Google does with websites, it tracksall the music torrents availablearound the internet. For this reason, it is practically impossible for you not to find the music you are looking for.

Whensearching for musicin this portal you will not get direct torrents, but rather results to external sites such as ThePirateBay, LimeTorrents, 1337x, among other sites. This is ideal for finding a specific torrent without going to several separate sites.

Finally, from the home page, you will be able to access thetop of themost downloadedmusic byaccessing the «TOP» link located to the right of the «Audio» text.

Best Torrent

BetterTorrenthas been around for more than a decade. From the link you can access the music section to downloadfrom complete discographies of your favorite artists to the latest albums or even music videos or other types of files, all in afairly acceptableMP3 qualityand with content uploaded almost daily.

  1. The use is very simple, just write what you are looking for in the torrent search engineas we detail in the image and click “Search”.
  2. You will get a series of results, click on the one that interests you the most, and then, when this image pops up, click on the indicated link.
  3. Now since you already haveuTorrent installed, itwill ask you if you want to open it, do so and themusic download willbegin in a few seconds.


MusicaTorrentsis one of the best websites to download all kinds of music. One of the positive points of this page is that you will not find annoying advertising and although it is just starting and does not yet have a large catalog of music, the quality is especially good in terms of files.

You can search for the music that interests you based on the available categories or by using the advanced search engine.


Infomaniakosis a very complete website where you can find a lot of information especially regarding the world of music. The best thing about this website is that in addition to the variety, it will be updated very often, so that you always find the best news.

It has a wide section with cinema films. From here you can choose any type of dubbing and quality. You can even see listings with the latest movies added.

Legit Torrents

Legit Torrentsis one of the web portals where you can make sure you download secure content. You can check which are the most popular torrents in recent days or access the available categories.

One particularity of this platform compared to others is that all the content has a Creative Commons license, so you will only find free and free files.


TomadivXhas content in which you can findeverythingfrom movies or ebooks, to documentaries and music, among many other categories.

From the main page you can have access to all the content that has been added in recent days. You just have to click on the torrent you want to download and click on the link provided.

It is not a website with a very broad content, but you can find very specific content.

BitTorrent Now

BitTorrent Nowis another platform that has applications for iOS, Android and Apple TV. On this website you can find, above all, music content belonging to authors who have given the content.

From this option it is possible to create playlists or favorites lists.


RARBGis a website with a very simple design but with very varied content in which you can findeverythingfrom music, to movies, software, games and many more options.

It has a news section and even allows you to see a preview of the content before downloading it. By clicking on the torrent file that interests you, you will be able to access extended information about the download and the content, so that it is very easy to decide.


1337xis another alternative to download music as well as a wide variety of files. In order to download it, it is necessary to create a user account, but it pays to do so since there are high probabilities of finding very specific content, easily.

You just have to enter the title of the content you are looking for in the search bar, click on the link that interests you and select between using amagnetor atorrent filethat will start downloading from an external website.


Torrentzis another of the most recommended platforms to download music since it has one of the most extensive databases of torrents.

The main advantage of this website is that it performs a search for any files on different platforms to offer you all the available download options. This increases the chances of locating a file.


Zooqleis a relatively recent platform from which you can find numerous torrents of music, movies or television series mainly. The contents on this website are verified, so there is no risk of finding fakes or files with some type of malware.

From the main page you will have access to the most popular series of the moment and a calendar with the next releases.


Limetorrentsis a page with many options available to find music files, video games, anime and many more. It is one of the websites that provides faster download speeds, which is an advantage over its competitors. Simply enter your search and all available results will appear.

Sites for downloading music through torrentoffer a great advantage compared to direct download sites like Mega or other similar services.

And it is that in direct download sites generally the links expire, the files are protected by password or simply have limitations of speed or amount of use.

It is necessary that you bear in mind that these sites could havematerial protected by copyright, however, they disclaim all responsibility since they do not host any content as they are a simple link between users who share files and users who seek shared files through P2P.

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