How to Download or Extract Subtitles From Videos on YouTube

Download or Extract Subtitles From Videos on YouTube: The option to extract subtitles from YouTube videosis actually an option available in the tool. However, it is important that the author of the video has granted the necessary permissions to download the content, both videos and subtitles or transcripts. If yes, then know how to get subtitles on YouTube.

Download or Extract Subtitles From Videos on YouTube
Download or Extract Subtitles From Videos on YouTube

How to Download or Extract Subtitles From Videos on YouTube

To download the subtitles of a YouTube video, you can use different steps:

First method

  • Go to the part of the menu where the three characteristic dots are located below the video from which you want to download the information.
  • Go toAdd translations> Change language to select the correct language> Actions> Download.

Second method

  • Open a video and on the back of it, locate the three dots.
  • Then, press theAdd translations option.
  • Once this is done, you must choose the language with which you want to download the subtitles.

Select the language to download subtitles on YouTube

  1. Choose theChange language option.
  2. The tool will always suggest the original language of the video to download.
  3. In the following list you will have several options to download the subtitles of the video. You always have the option of the language of the original video and others with which and the video in question has been reproduced.
  4. Choose the language from the list.
  5. If you have already selected the language to download the subtitles, click theSet languageoption which will allow you to go to the subtitle file.

Set YouTube subtitles

If you want to translate the video you are downloading with a new language, in this part you canconfigure the subtitles for any languageof your choice.


  • Press theActions>Download option.
  • Then with the help of a text editor like Notepad, open the generated file with the video subtitles.
  • With this tool, you can even edit the video manually.

How to download a YouTube transcript?

You candownload a YouTube video transcriptif it is available. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the video, and locate yourself in the three points below this one
  2. Then click on theOpen Transcript option.
  3. Once the transcription is open, you can proceed to change the language at the bottom of the transcription screen, using the language box.

Finally, you just have to select the transcription text of the video and execute the COPY AND PASTE actions todownload subtitles or transcription of the YouTube video!

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