3 Ways to Download Subtitles from Youtube Videos

When watching videos on Youtube, sometimes we want to be able to download subtitles in the video so that we can re-read what the narrator said in the video, or to make it easier to understand the contents of the video while watching it.

3 Ways to Download Subtitles from Youtube Videos
3 Ways to Download Subtitles from Youtube Videos

What are Subtitles?

Subtitles are text that usually appears when we are watching videos, both online and offline so that we can more easily understand the video we are watching.

Initially, these subtitles were used to display the dialogue that was happening in a film or video, and often it was translated into the language we wanted.

However, along with the development of online video platforms such as Youtube, subtitles are also often used on videos that are uploaded (uploaded) on these platforms and are available in various languages, so that video viewers (who come from various countries in the world) will be able to understand the content. videos in their respective languages.

Subtitles on Youtube

Especially for the Youtube platform, subtitles will generally be uploaded by the owner of the video, but Youtube also has a subtitle generator feature that will be able to automatically create video subtitles, according to the language used in the video.

The two methods of displaying subtitles on Youtube will later have an effect on which method can be used to download subtitles because later there are several ways that can only be used for one method, and some can be used in both methods.

How to Download Youtube Subtitles

There are several ways you can download subtitles on your device, whether you are using a computer / PC / desktop or mobile phone (Android / iPhone), which are as follows:

Using a Youtube Subtitle Download Website

The first way is to use a website that provides Youtube subtitle download services, which can be done using any device that has an internet browser application.

Some websites that Originally recommend downloading subtitles from Youtube videos include:

There are also several other similar sites, but in general the ways to download Youtube subtitles on these sites are the steps as follows:

  1. Open the YouTube video that you want to download/download the subtitles through the browser or the Youtube application,
  2. CopyorCopy theURL / Link of the video
    • For PC or laptop users, you can copy from the link area in the browser (which says https://youtube.com/……. => Copy everything to the end)
    • For cellphone users, click onSharethenCopy Link
  3. Open the desired subtitle download site,
  4. PasteorPaste theURL of the video that was copied earlier in the specified area (for example, if the download is like the image above),
  5. Click on the button markedDownload(or similar) to begin processing. Sometimes pop-up ads and the like will appear so that the click doesn’t work, please try again until you see that the site has processed the download request,
  6. Select the subtitle file format, whether SRT or TXT.
    • SRT is used to display subtitles on media players (such as VLC), change the file name according to the video name and place the SRT file in a folder with the video,
    • TXT is a plain text format
    • SRT and TXT can both be opened with the Notepad application (on PC or Laptop)
  7. Wait for the download to complete
  8. Done, the Subtitle file can be used according to your needs and desires.

Note:For this method, almost all videos that have subtitles (whether uploaded by the channel owner or those created automatically by Youtube) will be able to be downloaded.

However, sometimes there are some videos whose subtitles cannot be read, especially videos that have just been uploaded to Youtube (although you can see the subtitles on Youtube).

Videos whose subtitles are uploaded by the owner or the subscriber community will usually appear a sign that says CC at the bottom right of the video.

Using Youtube Subtitle Download Software on a PC or Laptop

For this method, we don’t use websites or online services on the internet, but by downloading (free) software and installing it on your PC or laptop, and later it can be opened or run every time you want to download Youtube subtitles.

Some software for downloading subtitles from Youtube videos are:

  1. DVDVideosoft(SRT and TXT subtitle file formats)
  2. Google2SRT(SRT subtitle file format only)

The general steps are as follows:

  1. Open and visit the download link we provided above, then download the software,
  2. Install software that has been downloaded onto your PC or laptop,
  3. After the installation is complete, open the application,
  4. Open a browser and open the video you want to download the subtitles on Youtube,
  5. Copy the URL of the video,
  6. Return to the application, then Paste the URL in the column provided,
  7. Wait for the video and download link to appear,
  8. Choose the format and language options if available,
  9. Click Download,
  10. Specify a storage location, then continue the download process,
  11. Done, the subtitle file can be used

For DVDVideosoft you can also download subtitles at a certain duration of the video, so there is no need to download the subtitles in their entirety.

Download Subtitles Directly from Youtube

Subtitles can also be downloaded directly from Youtube, but the process is not as easy as the previous two methods and can only be done if you open Youtube from a browser (you cannot use the Youtube application on a cellphone).

This method will be more sure to work if the video has the subtitles uploaded by the channel owner or their subscriber community, aka those with the CC symbol. (not automatically generated by Youtube).

The steps are as follows:

  1. Open the browser then open the video you want to download the subtitles on YouTube,
  2. Click on the icon with the three dots (…) located at the bottom of the video, and on the far right (next to the Save menu,
  3. Select theOpen Transcriptmenu orOpen Transcript,
  4. On the right side, a new block will appear entitledTranscript / Transcript,
  5. After the subtitle appears on the block, select all the text then copy the subtitle,
  6. Paste the subtitle text in the notepad or Word application
  7. Done.

How to Download Videos with Subtitles from Youtube

If what you are looking for is how to download videos with subtitles from Youtube, DVDVideosoft also provides Youtube video download software which is already accompanied by subtitles if you need it.

Some other software can also be used to perform similar functions, be it free or paid software. Such as:

  1. Wondershare Uniconverter (You can try it for free),

You can also use special software to download Youtube videos, then download the subtitles separately. Then there is also a way to do it only using Chrome, but this method should be explained in a separate article.

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