How To Download Songs On SoundCloud

How to Download Songs on SoundCloud we need to know in order to easily save the songs we like to the gallery or local storage of Android smartphones, iPhones and PCs, so that they can be played again while offline.

How to Download Songs on SoundCloud
How to Download Songs on SoundCloud

SoundCloud is one of the first media to share and play music before the arrival of the JOOX andSpotify music applications.

Many music creators and artists upload their work on SoundCloud so that it can be enjoyed by everyone. We can find local to international music on SoundCloud.

Even so, the official service, SoundCloud does not provide song download features, users can only play and listen to songs online.

For those who have a limited amount of quota and want to play their favorite songs over and over without spending a lot of quota, you can use How to Download Songs on SoundCloud which will be discussed by Saung Network this time.

How to download on Soundcloud easily done on various devices, both on Android, iPhone or PC. It can be without additional applications or using third-party applications.

How to Download Songs on SoundCloud

There are several ways that we can do to download songs on Soundcloud, which certainly we can do on various devices, be it on Android, iPhone and even PC.


This song downloader site, aside from being able to download songs on YouTube, also supports downloading songs on Soundcloud.

Through this site we can download songs on Android Soundcloud. How to use the services of this site is quite easy.

How to download songs on Soundcloud:

  1. Copy / copy theaddress of the Soundcloud song you want to download.
  2. Then visit site.
  3. ThenPaste / Pastein the available fields and clickthe > buttonto start the song download process.
  4. Wait a few moments, a song title description, duration and theDownload MP3button will appear , click the pink button.
  5. Later it will be redirected to the song player page, click the vertical dot button on the bottom right. Then clickDownloadto save the song.
  6. How to download songs on Soundcloud above is the easiest to do because it can be practiced on Android, iPhone or PC.Even so, there are several services from download sites that we can also use to download songs from Soundcloud. The following are:


How to download the next mp3 Soundcloud song still using the Soundcloud Downloader site. For almost the same steps, we can do via Android, iPhone or PC to download Soundcloud songs.

How to download songs via soundcloud:

  1. Search and select the Soundcloud song you want to download, thencopy theaddress.
  2. Visit the Soundcloud Downloader, thenPaste / Paste theaddress that was copied earlier in the column provided, then click theDownload button.
  3. Then click theDOWNLOAD THE SONG button, then wait a while until the process is complete, the mp3 song files will automatically be downloaded.

3. is a SoundCloud downloader site 320kbps, meaning we can download various songs from Soundcloud the best quality. This site is claimed to be able to download Soundcloud songs with 320kbps quality.

How to download songs on the latest Android Soundcloud:

  1. First, open SoundCloud, find the song you want to download.
  2. Copy / copy the song URL. The application can by selecting theShareoption >More sharing options>Copy to clipboard.
  3. Visit the site, then Paste / Paste the URL in that column and click the Download MP3 button.
  4. Wait a few moments, then you will be redirected to a page containing the Mp3 information you will download such as the song title, duration, and quality.
  5. Click the greenDownload Mp3 button.
  6. Then the mp3 song file will be automatically downloaded.


How to download the next soundcloud song using the help of the SoundCloud Downloader website. This site has a simple display and can be accessed via Android, iPhone or PC.

how to download SoundCloud mp3 songs:

  1. Copy / Copy the URL ofthe SoundCloud song address that will be saved, if through the SondCloud Application can pressShare>More sharing options>Copy to clipboard.
  2. Then visit, thenPaste / Pastein the available fields, then click theDownload button.
  3. After that, wait a few moments, then click theRight Click to Download button.
  4. Later it will be directed to the song player page, click the vertical three-dot button (option), click the Download button. Then the song will automatically be saved.

How? Isn’t it hard to download a song from Soundcloud? If you want an easier and more practical way you can use the following Soundcloud song download application.

5. Videoder

Videoder application besides can be used to download Youtube videos, it can also be used to download Soundcloud songs. With this application, it will be easy for us to download many songs

Unfortunately, this application is not yet available for the iPhone, currently it can only be used by Android, Windows and Mac users.

How to download Android Soundcloud songs:

  1. Download and install theVideoder application.
  2. Open and run the Soundcloud application, find and play the
    the song we will save.
  3. In the music player section, click theSharebutton at the bottom>More sharing options>Copy to clipboard.
  4. Click the Videoder icon, it will be redirected to the download page, clickMp3under theAudio Download Link.
  5. Choose a storage location, wait a few moments, done.

Please choose one way to download songs on Soundcloud, for Android cellphone users and will download many songs, you should use the last method because it is easier and shorter.

If you have questions or have other alternative methods that are faster and more effective, you can submit them via the comments below.

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