Download Twitch Videos And Enjoy It Offline (Guide)

Download Twitch Videos: You can download videos from the transmitter’s favorite transmitter on the device, where you can watch them play for hours later. However, the feature called Video on Demand (and almost always called VOD) can only be used for a certain time after downloading the video.

Download Twitch Videos and Enjoy It Offline (Guide)
Download Twitch Videos and Enjoy It Offline (Guide)

It is a problem. You can’t use the Twitch app to record a streaming video to watch it, for example a year later. There are solutions you need to take advantage of to do this. And this post is going to be all about these little workarounds.

Why download Twitch videos?

There are several reasons why downloading Twitch videos can be helpful. You may have discovered an elegant way to beat a boss during your game or someone else’s and you wouldn’t want to disappear from someone’s long list of videos or be eliminated forever be reviewed, whether through thetwitch websiteor the streamer themselves.

Other times, you or someone you know may have been mentioned by a very popular streamer (and this is perfectly acceptable for fangirl). Maybe you want to keep a record of what you said in a video stream, something someone else commented on, or just a memory.

Ultimately, the way you save your video or download it to your device changes depending on whether the video belongs to you or belongs to a broadcaster. I have covered both methods below.

How to download streamer’s videos to your PC?

Unfortunately, Twitch doesn’t have an offline viewing option that performs as well as YouTube. So you can never be sure to find the video in your offline list in the app a few days later. Hence the need to use a workaround.

Since YouTube videos can be downloaded via third-party applications and software such as Vidmate, Tubemate or YTD, there is software to use for downloading Twitch also with the Twitch video downloader ieTwitch Leecherandavailable on GitHub. Here is the method to download a stream to your PC using it.

  • Download Twitch Leecher (link shown above) and install it on your PC. Make sure you scan it with an up-to-date antivirus.
  • Save an icon on the desktop. This will help you access the app faster.
  • In your Internet browser, go to the Twitch website. Navigate to find the video you want to download. Copy its URL.
  • In the Twitch Leecher app, go to “New Search” (available at the bottom of the screen). Paste the URL in the URL box and tap Search.
  • You should find the video opening on your screen and a download button available at the bottom right.
  • Tap Download and choose your preferred resolution. With higher resolutions taking up more space on your computer, make sure you have enough free space before downloading to avoid wasting time. You can also record specific clips to record by specifying the start and end times. Tap Download and you’re done!

How to download Twitch videos from your own streaming channel to your PC?

Fortunately, if you want to record a video that you have broadcast on your own channel, things are simpler. Depending on your participation status (standard, affiliate or partner), your videos are available up to 60 days after their download. It can be helpful to keep track of all of your streaming content, so every Twitch streamer should read it.

Start by logging into your Twitch account. From the main menu, open Video Manager. You should see the videos that you have broadcast in the past, respecting the deadline set by your participation status. Use the download link under each video to save it to your PC.

You can also save them to an external hard drive so that your PC is not clogged with jerky broadcasts, which can reach GB in high resolution. You can use these videos to upload to YouTube and keep your YouTube fans up to date. In addition, they are excellent for record keeping.

Enable automatic archiving for your Twitch channel:

Use the menu at the top right to go to Settings. Go to Channel & Videos then Channel Settings. You can choose “Automatically archive my shows” here, whether or not you want your videos to be saved for later viewing. This can be essential to download your twitch vods later.

Pretty simple, isn’t it? Is there any other method you know to download twitch videos? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll make sure to include it.

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