Download Zoom for Window PC

Initially, Zoom was only commonly used in the business sphere, then suddenly Zoom was used everywhere after the pandemic hit the world. Even after Zoom stumbled on some worrying security issues like Zoombombing, Zoom’s popularity has not subsided.

Download Zoom for Window PC
Download Zoom for Window PC

Download Zoom for Window PC

Zoom is software for communicating over long distances via video, audio, or both. Currently, Zoom has been widely used for various purposes such as remote working, education, business, to just chatting casually with close friends.

Zoom Meeting Features

Virtual Background

There is no need to tidy up the room in the house to take part in a group meeting because Zoom already provides a feature to attach an image as a video background.

You can put up any picture, but try to choose an image that will not interfere with the comfort of the interlocutor or other participants in a group meeting.

Screen Sharing

You and each participant can show their respective screen displays to all meeting participants. For example, in a meeting to discuss marketing strategy, you could show a document containing the results of a field survey, financial reports, or a picture that displays a market trend graph for a particular product.

Group Meeting Management

Zoom makes it easier for you to organize group meetings by providing features to lock the meeting so that participants who are late attending cannot enter, mute participants, turn off the annotation and screen sharing features, block private chats, allow or block recording by participants, block the transfer of files among participants, and others.

Video Layout Arrangement

When a participant will talk at length, you can activate the Active Speaker View option to display the speaker in a large window. To display all participants in thumbnail form, the Gallery View mode is available. This mode displays up to 49 participants on one page.

If the group meeting is attended by more than 49 participants, the other participants are displayed on the second, third, and so on pages. The order of the video thumbnails can be set manually.

Download Zoom for PC Windows

The free basic version of Zoom can be used for one-on-one meetings with no time limit, while group meetings have a time limit of 40 minutes with a maximum number of participants of 100 people. This time limit can be tricked by stopping the video call, then immediately starting a new session.

The basic version of Zoom can be upgraded to meet greater communication needs. One of Zoom’s upgrade schemes is Zoom Pro. The maximum number of participants is still 100 people, but the meeting duration is extended to 30 hours and each participant can be given a personal ID for subsequent meeting sessions. Meeting recordings can be stored in cloud storage with a capacity of 1 GB.

Furthermore, there is Zoom Business with up to 300 participants, and Zoom Enterprise which can serve group meetings with up to 500 participants and unlimited cloud storage capacity. Download the latest and free Zoom for PC Windows via the link below:

Download Zoom for PC

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