Easy and Fast Ways to See Classroom Codes on Laptops and Mobile Phones

One of the platforms that is often used to carry out online teaching and learning activities isGoogle Classroom. When you create a classroom that will be used for shared learning, you must invite students to your Classroom using a unique code. This code is what distinguishes each classroom in Google Classroom.

See Classroom Codes on Laptops and Mobile Phones
See Classroom Codes on Laptops and Mobile Phones

Easy and Fast Ways to See Classroom Codes on Laptops and Mobile Phones

Unfortunately, many times you may forget how many unique codes for the classroom. No need to worry, you can still check and see the classroom codes. How to view this classroom code can be done on a cellphone or on a laptop or computer.

How to Invite Students or Users to Join Google Classroom

This feature of inviting students or certain users can maintain privacy because only certain people can enter the class. These invitations are usually sent via a link so that other people who don’t have the link automatically can’t join the class.

There are two ways to invite users to join your Google Classroom, namely:

  • Entering users using media share is done via email, but this method is considered more complicated and complicated so that rarely use this method.
  • The second way is to share the class code or classroom code with certain people who will be invited to your Google Classroom.

Then, how do you see the classroom code? Here is the review.

How to View Classroom Codes on a Laptop or Computer

Even though many people have started using Google Classroom, there are still many of them who don’t understand how to view their class code. If you’re using Google Classroom on a laptop or computer, here’s an easy way to check the class code:

  • Open Google Chrome on your laptop or computer.
  • Immediately go to the Google Classroom website page.
  • Log in your account using your Gmail account.
  • If you have successfully logged in, you will see a Google Classroom display in the form of the classes that you have created.
  • Select a class for which you will see the class code.
  • If the class is open, then select the Settings menu or Settings at the top in the form of a Gear icon.
  • If you have entered the Settings menu, scroll down until you find the General menu.
  • After that you will find the Code Class sub menu which is the classroom code you are looking for.
  • If you have found it, you can zoom in by pressing Display Class Code. The code can be copied and shared with students, other users or your colleagues.

How To See Classroom Code Through Hp

Besides using a laptop or computer, you can also follow how to view the classroom code via cellphone. Here’s how you can follow:

  • Open the Chrome browser on your cellphone, or you can also open the Classroom application. This application can be downloaded for free on the Play Store or App Store.
  • If the application has been successfully installed, log in to your account using your Gmail account.
  • If the Google Classroom view is visible, select a class that you want to check the class code for.
  • Tap the Settings menu or Gear icon at the top right.
  • When signed in, scroll down until you find General or General information.
  • You will find the code for the class you are looking for in the menu.

It turns out that easy is not the way to see the classroom code, I hope this review is useful for you.

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