Easy Ways To Remove Ads On Xiaomi And Redmi Cellphones

Remove Ads: One of the interesting advantages of the cellphone under Xiaomi is the presence of MIUI, a custom UI that takes a lot of attention and is liked. Both for the Xiaomi brand and the Redmi brand, MIUI has become a part or a package as an allure that became the advantage of Xiaomi.

Easy Ways to Remove Ads on Xiaomi and Redmi Cellphones
Easy Ways to Remove Ads on Xiaomi and Redmi Cellphones

Remove Ads on Xiaomi and Redmi Cellphones

It’s just that there is one important issue behind MIUI’s specialty, which is the presence of advertisements. The presence of advertisements at MIUI offers pros and cons. The presence of this advertisement is one of the reasons why Xiaomi or Redmi HP can be priced cheap.

Xiaomi and Redmi HP products in general are priced cheap. Xiaomi, as a company, only gets a small margin from each sale of its mobile products. Another benefit is obtained, namely by presenting advertisements on MIUI.

Of course, the presence of advertisements on this Xiaomi mobile phone interferes with the convenience of use. Imagine, every time using various services or applications brought by MIUI, advertisements always appear. Of course this is not fun.

Are you also a Xiaomi or Redmi HP user who feels disturbed by the presence of this ad? If so, you are not alone. Many Xiaomi and Redmi cellphone users are bothered by the presence of advertisements. Unmitigated, the presence of advertisements on Xiaomi’s mobile is quite a lot.

The good news, the presence of advertisements on Xiaomi and Redmi cellphones can be removed easily. How to? Check out the following way!

How to get rid of ads without installing custom ROM

There are various ways to get rid of advertisements on Xiaomi and Redmi mobile phones. The most is the following ways without installing a custom ROM, here are some ways you can do.

1.Eliminating Ads by Disabling MSA

The first way to get rid of advertisements on Xiaomi or Redmi cell phones is to disable MSA. All you have to do is enter the ”settings” section , then enter ”additional settings“, then select ”authorization and revocation“, and select ”MSA“. Perform these steps correctly so that MSA is completely inactive so that your Xiaomi cellphone does not appear again.

2. Disabling Advertising Services

Another way to eliminate ads on Xiaomi Mobile is to deactivate the advertising service . To do this, please enter the ”settings” section , then enter ”additional settings“, select ”privacy“, then select ”advertising services“.

After entering the “advertising service” menu, please turn off the advertising recommendation personalization option. This option is useful for turning off ads on Xiaomi mobile phones.

3. Eliminating Ads by Changing Locations

Another way to prevent your Xiaomi cell phone from appearing is to change locations. Let’s just say, your Xiaomi mobile location is “Indonesia”. Well, you can just change this location. How to? Here’s how to change location.

  • Log in to the ”settings
  • Log in to the ”additional settings
  • After that, choose the option ”Location
  • Change ”Location” to Spain or France.
  • After that, please ”restart” your Xiaomi cellphone.

4. Eliminating Ads ThroughFile Manager

Another way to prevent your Xiaomi cell phone from displaying ads is by removing the ad recommendations in the “File Manager”. You can follow the steps below.

  • Open the default ”File Manager”application .
  • Then click on the ” menu icon”in the upper left corner.
  • Now choose ” settings,then select ”About” or“about”.
  • Then select turn off recommendations.

5.Eliminating Ads in the Download Application

Another way to get rid of advertisements is to eliminate advertisements through the download application or “download”. To do this, you can just log in or open the ”download” application . After that, select click the menu point at the top right of the screen. After that select ”settings” and select disable show recommendation content.

6.Remove Ads on the Mi Video Application

Another way to get rid of ads on Xiaomi mobile phones is by removing ads on the Mi Video application. The method is quite easy, you just have to openMi Video. After that, click the account section in the lower right of the screen. After that select ”settings“, after that please turn off the ”online recommendations” option .

7.Eliminating Ads in the Music Application

Another way to get rid of ads is to turn off ad recommendations in the Music application. Because, in the Music application, Xiaomi also embed ads that are classified as disrupting the usage experience. So, what is it like to turn off ads on music applications? Here is how.

  • Open the Music application, then click the menu at the top left of the screen
  • Not ”settings”,then select ”advanced settings”
  • After that, please scroll to the bottom to turn off the recommendation. .

8.Eliminating Ads in Security

You can remove advertisements on Xiaomi’s cellphone by visiting the Security application. The way is to open the application ”security”,then enter the ”settings”,after that just select the option to disable the ”accept recommendation”.

9.Eliminating Ads in the Mi Browser

Ads also often appear in the default browser application on the Xiaomi mobile phone, namely the Mi Browser. The easiest way to not appear in this application is the following way.

  • Open the Mi Browser, then click the menu at the bottom right of the screen
  • Select ”settings
  • Then select ” privacy and security “.
  • Then turn off the ”Recommendations for You” option at the bottom.

In addition to these methods, the easiest way to avoid having ads on the default browser is to not use the default browser. You only need to use other browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and others.

How to Get Rid of Ads by Installing Custom ROM

In addition to how to get rid of advertisements on Xiaomi Mobile in the manner mentioned earlier, you can also remove advertisements on Xiaomi Mobile by changing the custom ROM. For your information, MIUI is a UI that allows users to custom ROM.

Interestingly, custom ROM is pretty much spread on the internet and you can choose which one you like. One of the most famous is the Xiaomi EU Custom ROM. This Custom ROM is presented for users in the European continent with a base build of MIUI China stable ROM and China Developer.

If you are curious about EU custom ROMs and want to use them, you can visit the MI forum to find out more about this EU custom ROM. Oh well, make sure you also understand the risks of using this custom ROM.

These methods generally apply to Xiaomi and Redmi mobile phones that offer MIUI. The Pocophone F1 which Xiaomi also developed has an interface that also presents advertisements.

Oh well, the presence of this ad will not appear on Xiaomi mobile phones that offer pure Android OS. Examples of Xiaomi mobile phones that offer pure Android OS are Xiaomi Mi A1, Xiaomi Mi A2, Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite, and Xiaomi Mi A3. The types of mobile phones are entered into the Android One family, namely the Android HP project that has full support from Google.

Thus the explanation of how to eliminate ads on Xiaomi and Redmi HP. Hopefully this method helps you overcome the presence of advertisements on Xiaomi mobile phones. After knowing this method, your Xiaomi cellphone will be free from advertisements.

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