5 Easy Ways to Repair a Corrupted SD Card

Often people experience damaged SD cards on smartphones. But it’s best not to rush to replace it because the SD card can be easily repaired by yourself. As you know, an SD card is an external device on a smartphone to increase file storage on the device.

How to Repair a Corrupted SD Card

Even though this card has many benefits, if it is not used properly it can cause the SD card to become damaged quickly. Therefore it is required to keep it safe. If it is damaged, you can try to repair it yourself before replacing it with the 5 ways to repair a damaged SD card below.

How to Repair a Corrupted SD Card

1. By restarting the smartphone

The first possibility, the reason the SD card is damaged or unreadable is because of a problem with the system on the smartphone. This can happen when the user charges the smartphone for too long, causing the SD card not to be detected when the smartphone is turned on.

An easy way to overcome this is of course to try restarting the smartphone. However, the tip for restarting it is to turn off the smartphone first and remove the SD card for a few moments. And then reinsert the SD card then turn on the smartphone.

2. By using another smartphone

The second fix might be to try by installing the SD card in another smartphone to find out what the damage is.

By using another smartphone, it is possible to find out the cause of the SD card being damaged. The first possibility is that the smartphone itself or the SD card has suffered minor damage and can only be accessed via other types of cellphones because they are not compatible.

If the SD card can be accessed on another smartphone, it means the damage is to the smartphone being used.

3. By Connecting to a PC or Laptop

This third method is probably often used by most users. The reason is because the detection process is more effective. And the resolution process on the SD card is even easier. The steps to repair SD card viaPCare as follows.

  • Insert the SD card into a smartphone device or card reader then connect it to the PC.
  • Change the mode fromMedia Transfer Mode(MTP) toMass StorageMode (MSC) when connecting using a smartphone.
  • Then open the Explorer application on the PC and right click on the card drive. Usually the SD card drive is namedForG
  • Then after right-clicking, selectProperties > Tools > Error Checkingand wait for the process to complete.
  • When you have finished checking, please check on your smartphone whether the SD card has returned to normal or not.

4. By Physically Cleaning the SD Card

The fourth way is to physically clean the card. It is possible that the SD card cannot be accessed because the SD card has dirt on the gold plate making it difficult to read on a smartphone. This can happen if you frequently remove the SD card.

You can clean the physical card with a clean dry cloth or you can use a dry tissue. There are also other tools such as a clean rubber eraser to remove dust and dirt from the gold plate on the card.

5. By Formatting the SD Card

The final way is to format the SD card if the four methods above still don’t work. This is the only way to repair the SD card. The cause is because there is a virus on the SD card which causes the SD card to become undetectable inFile Manager.

How to format an SD card as follows:

  • Install the SD card on the smartphone.
  • Buka menuSetting > Storage/Penyimpanan > Portable Storage
  • Select the SD card then selectthe Storage Settings > Format > Erase & Format option
  • Wait until the process is complete then check whether the SD card has returned to normal or not.

Things that happen to SD cards that cause damage have actually become commonplace. Because electronic products have a lifespan.

So if the SD card has been active for years or even decades, of course it is not surprising if the SD card is damaged.

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