How to Edit Cool And Easy videos With Filmora

Are you looking for video editing software that is cool and easy to learn? Here, we will tell you the tips, check it out.

How to Edit Cool And Easy videos with Filmora

How to Edit Cool And Easy Videos with Filmora

Learning to edit videos is indeed easy and difficult, especially if what you are looking for is ease of editing which is directly proportional to good results.

We has tried various software starting from using Microsoft Powerpoint (seriously), Cyberlink PowerDirector, Sony Vegas Pro, Pinnacle Studio, Hitfilm 2 Ultimate, and Wondershare Video Editor.

So, the last one mentioned above has now changed its name to Wondershare Filmora or Filmora Video Editor, and this is the software that we will review in this article.

Filmora is different from other software that we have tried. It’s true that this software is simpler than Vegas Pro and the like, and doesn’t have many more professional editing options, but that’s what we are looking for.

Filmora’s predecessor, namely Wondershare Video Editor, has implemented the concept of simplicity and quality and is often used by us to edit videos, and that is what was passed on to Filmora.

The difference is, Filmora has 2 modes when you first use it, namely Easy Mode and Full Feature Mode, where in Easy Mode you just choose the theme/template, intro text, videos and images you want to insert, background music and closing text.

After selecting the video format you want to produce, Filmora will create a compilation of your images and videos quickly (according to the length of the background music) and you can get the results.

Auto generated and auto mix systems like Filmora’s Easy Mode are also available in the Muvee Reveal software if you want to try comparing.

The following is a video editing display in Filmora’s Easy Mode feature

Another is Easy Mode, another is Full Feature Mode. If in Easy Mode it is more for the need to create video compilations of images or compilations of clips using Filmora’s default template (or you can buy other templates on the website), then in Full Feature Mode you will be taken to a video editing display that is more manual and makes you more comfortable. can be creative freely.

So, what’s interesting about Full Feature Mode from Filmora is that you will be treated to various collections of Instagram-style Video Filters and the like which will enhance the color appearance of your videos.

Apart from cool color filters, Filmora also has a really impressive collection of text templates, you just need to edit the texts, then it will become, for example, a video compilation of your beautiful pre-wedding photos with an HD screen, or your video containing news about celebrities. with a display like news on television. Here are some examples of text templates.

And here are some examples of videos that we made with Filmora software, before being uploaded to YouTube the results were actually even HD.

The first video about the chili garden tour was made in Easy Mode, while the second video was in Full Feature Mode which was a bit awkward.

But it’s proven that those of you who don’t really understand video editing can also make cool and easy videos.

But here are a few tips so that the resulting video is still worthy:

  1. The quality of the raw video is considered, starting from the lighting and good audio (if the plan is for the video to contain audio from the raw video).
  2. When using images, pay attention to the lighting and make sure the image also has a high resolution so that it doesn’t break when made into an HD video.
  3. The concept of the video that you want to make doesn’t make it seem like it’s just made, it’s just plain old :p
  4. PATIENCE in editing because we have to watch it repeatedly, determine the order of the video, or cut the video at what minute, etc. etc.

So, those are some tips from us about making AWESOME and EASY videos without having to have in-depth knowledge of video editing.

Hopefully this article is useful, please leave a comment if you have questions about the article.

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