Emoji Mosaic, A Tool To Transform Images Into Emojis!

Transform images or photos into emojis can be very useful for making contests or simply to animate a Facebook page with quizzes / riddles. We are going to present you here a free tool allowing you very easily to transform any image into a compilation of emoticons.

Emoji Mosaic, A Tool To Transform Images Into Emojis!

EMOJI MOSAIC: Transform images into emojis

If you are wondering how you can create such images. It is very simple. Here is the procedure to follow :

  • Visit this site
  • Select the image you want to transform from your computer
  • Wait a few seconds (variable depending on the weight of your image)
  • Save the final rendering by clicking on the blue “save as image” link
  • If the final rendering does not suit you, refresh the page with the F5 key and repeat the process

To obtain the best possible final rendering, we advise you to choose not very complex images, like products on a white background for example.


As mentioned earlier, this free tool could be used occasionally to create quizzes and riddles on social networks , be it on Facebook , Twitter or even Instagram .

Here is an example of a publication that was made on a high-tech Facebook page where the aim here was to arouse the curiosity of users by letting them guess which smartphone it was:

As you can see from the above publication, this one has generated an interesting number of interactions (comments, shares and likes), which is beneficial to improve the overall organic reach of the page.

One can of course imagine many other uses of this emoticon image transformation tool , such as when launching a new product for example or for the organization of contests with prizes to be won, whether on or outside social networks.

As you can see, the real uses of this tool are many, your creativity and imagination will surely guide you to even more interesting uses.

To test the Emoji Mosaic tool presented here, go to this address .

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