Enjoy Kodi Anonymously Using A VPN Server

VPN Server: For months the Kodi application has been one of the most popular as well as controversial and is that there are many users who already use this tool and many of its accessories or plugins to watch movies, series, or even football for free from the computer and through the Internet.

Enjoy Kodi anonymously using a VPN Server
Enjoy Kodi anonymously using a VPN Server

Enjoy Kodi anonymously using a VPN Server

Something that has caused many companies within the audiovisual industry to be doing their best to close it and has even been heard that they could betrying to identify Kodi usersto accuse them of piracy.

Although this is not the case and users are not identified, many have already been interested inhiring a VPN server and trying to shield their anonymitywhen they use Kodi. In this way, the use of an external VPN server causes our traffic to be encrypted, make it anonymous facing the network and cannot identify us.

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In addition, it prevents the ISP or any other authority from seeing the content of your Internet traffic and favors the fact of being able to access content blocked by location as we have seen on other occasions.

There are many VPN servers that can offer us this function, some for pay and others free, but regardless of which one we use, we are going to need to configure it to use it with Kodi.

This process largely depends on the operating system that we have on the computer, however, we will be able to choose between installing an add-on to activate the VPN within Kodi, installing a native VPN server outside of Kodi, manually configuring a VPN from the operating system settings or directly on the router.

Windows, Android and iOS users will have to follow more or less the same steps, justinstall the native application provided by your VPN providerin the corresponding operating system, launch it and leave it running in the background and start the Kodi application.

In the event that the provider does not have a VPN client, we do not want to use it or our device does not have a dedicated VPN, we will have to usea plug-in, which is what we will also have to do if we want to use Kodi in game consoles or devices based on Linux.

Regardless of the plug-in we use, what we have to do once installed is to select it andaccess its configuration menu.

Then we will be asked for theusername and password of the VPN accountand to finish click onOk.

From that moment on, we will be able to select our VPN server, wait for it to connect and start usingKodi privately.

As a recommendation, if we want to control the VPN from Kodi, one of the alternatives isVPNcity, a VPN service developed especially for Kodi users, which works as an add-on or add-on and runs perfectly onmost operating systems and devices.

The only drawback is that we will have to scratch our pockets since it is not free and it has a monthly subscription from one 6 euros a month. However, we can always dip into other free VPN alternatives.

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