Mi Account or Mi Account is an account provided by Xiaomi for Xiaomi smartphone users with MIUI interface . The existence of the Mi account has advantages so that users can enjoy the Mi Cloud service , where you can store some of your data on the internet.

Erase Mi Account Forgot Password Without Flash
Erase Mi Account Forgot Password Without Flash

Erase Mi Account Forgot Password Without Flash

Even this Mi account has an attractive security for its users, for example when your Xiaomi cell phone is stolen or lost, you can track its whereabouts using a Mi account. If the thief successfully resets the lost Xiaomimu device, the smartphone still cannot be used because it is locked by Mi Account .

What Happens If You Forgot the Mi Account Password?

As AyGek explained above, a thief who stole Xiaomi’s cellphone that has been connected with Mi Account cannot reset the cellphone. This is certainly a serious problem, if you forget your Mi account password, the article will not be able to reset to factory default settings or other activities that require Mi Account passwords. Even when you do a hard reset, what happens is your smartphone will be locked when turned on.

Then what is the solution?

There is no other solution besides logging out or removing the Mi account and replacing it with a new Mi account. If you forget your Mi account password , you can follow the tutorial on how to break into a Mi Account that forgot your password and log out of the Mi Account .

Wait a minute, before continuing to the tutorial stage, there are a few things you need to pay attention to that can be the main requirements if you want to successfully run the tutorial below.

  • Make sure your Xiaomi cell phone can be run as usual, meaning your Xiaomi cellphone is not fully locked because it is doing a hard reset.
  • You need the help of a PC / Laptop with an adequate internet connection
  • If you have already replaced the card, the password recovery method to resolve the forgotten password cannot be used

How to Break into a Mi Account that Forgot Password Without Flash

  1. First, connect your smartphone and PC / laptop to the internet.
  2. After that, you open a web browser application such as Chrome or Firefox on your PC / laptop.
  3. Visit the official Mi Account site at account.xiaomi.com , then you will enter the Mi account login page.
  4. On that page, click the QR code located in the upper right corner, a QR code will appear that we will scan using Xiaomi’s cellphone.
  5. Switch to your Xiaomi smartphone, open the Settings app > Mi Account . Click the scan button in the upper-right corner, then point the camera scan code to the computer screen that contains the QR Code.
  6. After a successful scan, the Enter button will appear on the Xiaomi Mobile screen, all you have to do is just press the enter button.
  7. Well, you automatically managed to log into your Mi account without using a password.

How to Logout an Old Mi Account

  1. After the tutorial above was successfully done, visit the Mi Cloud webpage at i.mi.com .
    After that, you click the Sign in with Mi Account button, you will automatically enter the Mi Cloud.
  2. Then select the Find device menu , then information will appear about the name or type of your Xiaomi cellphone.
  3. Then click Disable > Disable find phone , then the device tracking feature is successfully deactivated.
  4. Immediately restart your Xiaomobile, then go to Settings > Mi Account > Mi Cloud then check whether the Find phone feature has been successfully deactivated. If so, turn off the internet connection on your Xiaomi smartphone.
  5. Reset to factory settings to delete old Mi accounts by going to Settings > Additional Settings > Make a backup & reset > Restore factory settings.
  6. Wait for the reset process to finish, after the smartphone turns back on, do some initial setup.
  7. Well, now the old Mi account has been successfully logged out of the smartphone and you can log in with the new one.

The final word

That’s the tutorial on how to delete an account that forgot password and email. Hopefully the above tutorial can be useful for all of you and can be a reminder that it is important to remember or save the Mi Cloud account password so that the same error does not occur.


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