Escape From Tarkov: What kind Of This Game Is, And Why People Are Talking About It Everywhere?

Escape from Tarkov offers you a highly realistic FPS video game released by the Russian Developer, known as Battlestate Games. Released in the year 2016, as a closed alpha, with being in an open beta-phase right away.

While playing the game, your primary target is to escape from Tarkov – a massive world full of Non-player Characters, enemy players, raids, and lots of loot as well.

Maybe you had experienced the moment when suddenly Apex Legends was released and took over the gaming industry by a storm. Similarly, Escape from Tarkov has dominated the Twitch platform.

That’s one of many possible reasons you suddenly hear discussions about this game in a lot of places. In this article, we would love to explain what the game is and why you should need to check it out.

You should know everything

The game seems quite simple like other FPS games, and in the early beginning, you just require to pick up a map, attempt to reach the extraction point, loot resources, and try to survive longer to become the master.

If you succeed in your mission, the game declares you eligible for looting all you got during the current session. After that, you can use them to improve your weapons and gear so you can quickly back to your game as a stronger candidate.

The game gives you exclusive gameplay, though you can’t be able to start the game with the same character you choose upon death. Three different options are there; first of all, you need to obtain a PMC – your primary character that you have to make more definite.

All available loot and other characters you can use on your character to make him compelling. After that, you will have to be a scavenger who needs to shoot on sight and to find as much stuff as possible.

How is there so much attention to Escape from Tarkov?

If you are a hardcore fan of EFT, you might know about the recently released Twitch Drops, which means people from all over the world can grab loot while looking ETF on Twitch.

Although the same formula has been applied for other games, this is considering as unusual for this title, since players are getting items that are enough worth on the Flea Market.

Because of the mentioned reason, both hardcore and newbies are looking for Twitch for some valuable EFT loot to start. Otherwise, players have to purchase EFT Roubles using bucks to add some valuable content.

What Should You Learn?

The game features several minor systems, and looting is considering as one of them – outside of them, there is much more to explore. When you start playing, you will find out several ways of firing your weapons.

You can shoot freely around every corner, but you won’t discover where you are firing. After that, you require to figure out your magazine yourself to see how many bullets are there.

No system will tell you about that. Without hitting your menu, you can’t be able to find out lots of information.

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