How To Exchange Smart Points From Smartfren

Exchange Smart Points from Smartfren: Smartfren presents a SmartPoin loyalty program inside the MySmartfren application. Through SmartPoin, Smartfren loyal customers can get a variety of benefits, ranging from participating in the Smartfren.

How to Exchange Smart Points from Smartfren
How to Exchange Smart Points from Smartfren

WOW Sweepstakes that have prizes for houses, cars, Vespa and hundreds of other prizes, to get various discounts for coffee and favorite foods, to pulses and also internet packages.

How to Exchange Smart Points from Smartfren

How to get SmartPoin is also very easy, every customer buys an internet package on the MySmartfren application, Gallery, or credit outlet, then you will immediately get points. Even if you make phone calls and text messages, you will also get points immediately.

The amount of points earned varies according to how much internet credit is purchased or how long and also the number of phone calls or SMS you make.

Then how to exchange SmartPoin? The following steps are steps:

1. Download, install or update the MySmartfren application via Google Play or Appstore to the latest version.

2. After it’s installed, register and log in with your Smartfren number.

3. At the start screen, information will appear about your number and the amount of your Smartpoint.

4. Tap the SmartPoin icon in the bottom center, or click the SmartPoin text above the My Package text, after which the SmartPoin option will appear.

5. Tap the Redeem Points option and your SmartPoin details will appear, as well as attractive offers from SmartPoin.

6. There are 6 offers to choose from, from Lifestyle, Credit, Packages, Shopping, Lucky Draw and also WOW Deals.

7. Select the offer you want then tap on the points exchange section.

8. If your SmartPoin has been successfully exchanged for a coupon, you will be notified that the exchange has been successful and you can see the coupon on the Coupons menu.

To join the program, simply activate your Smartfren Card, download the MySmartfren application and exchange SmartPoin to enjoy the benefits of this program. Prizes will be drawn every month.

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