Exploring the International Cricket Council

In the same way as how FIFA is in charge of world football, the International Cricket Council does the same with cricket. Punters can try 1xBet betting now on all the championships overseen by this entity.

Exploring the International Cricket Council
Exploring the International Cricket Council

Exploring the International Cricket Council

Throughout its history, this organization has had three different names, which are:

  • the Imperial Cricket Conference;
  • the International Cricket Conference;
  • and the International Cricket Council.

The current name of the ICC was established in 1987. Also, it should be said that this entity reflects the growing influence of the Middle East on the sport.

It is possible to try betting on 1xBet now on the teams that come from that part of the world. This increased influence can be seen by the fact that the main headquarters of the ICC were moved from London to Dubai in 2005.

Organizing events

The International Cricket Council has many responsibilities and tasks. One of them is to organize the most important competitions of the discipline. The in.1xbet.com/line/Cricket/ website can be used to wager on these tournaments. Examples include the T20 World Cup and also the Cricket World Cup.

But that’s not all, because also the ICC is responsible for selecting the umpires that are part of most ODI, T20 and Test matches.

In the particular case of Test matches, the entity only appoints the referees, but does not get involved in other aspects of the organization. These kinds of matches can also be wagered at any moment by visiting the 1xBet betting platform.

Things the ICC does and doesn’t do

Corruption is another aspect that is taken very seriously by the International Cricket Council. For this reason, it also has its own Anti-Corruption Unit, which is tasked with defusing any kind of scheme that may harm the sport. Kabaddi is another exciting discipline from this part of the world, and www.in.1xbet.com/line/kabaddi is the best place to bet on it.

Contrary to what many people may think, there are many aspects in which the International Cricket Council doesn’t get involved. For example, one of them is the Laws of the Game. The entity that is actually in charge of this aspect is the Marylebone Cricket Club. This club has been doing this job since 1788.

For this reason, the ICC and the MCC are in very close communication when the latter decides to introduce some kind of modification. The 1xBet website is a great location to make wagers on all the aspects that surround this entertaining sport.

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