How to Use FaceApp Teen face Filter

FaceApp Teen face Filter: The FaceApp application has a new filter capable of making you look like a teenager. Here’s how to use it!

Applications that apply filters to people’s faces are quite successful on cell phones due to their funny results, which usually end up being posted on social networks. In turn, the FaceApp application became very popular with a filter to change people’s gender and even to age them.

How to Use FaceApp Teen face Filter
How to Use FaceApp Teen face Filter

The novelty of the time is that the FaceApp has a filter capable of leaving anyone with the face of a teenager through a photo, which can be in the cell phone gallery or be taken on the spot. Next, see how to look like a teenager using FaceApp.


The FaceApp application has already been involved in controversies in the past regarding what is done with the data collected from its users. The Look Digital has even published materials showing the positioning of the FBI in relation to the application, which the risks of using it and also the positioning of the company behind the application on the matter.

So, if you are concerned about your privacy, be sure to read these materials mentioned above and the terms of use of the application before proceeding with this step by step below.

How to use FaceApp Teen Face filter

The process for you to apply this new FaceApp filter is very simple and takes a few minutes to complete. Check out:

  • Access Google Play or the App Store and get the latest available version of FaceApp. If you have already installed it, just update it;
  • Open the application normally after installation and continue with the explanation of how it works. On the last screen of this explanation, it is worth noting, you can check the privacy policy and the terms of use of the program;
  • On the main screen, tap on the “Camera” icon or on “Photos” to select the image that will be transformed and grant the requested permission. Here again, you will be able to see the terms of the FaceApp privacy policy before proceeding;
  • On the new screen, with your image loaded, look for the “Age” filter and select the “Teen” option;
  • With the filter already applied, tap “Apply” and “Save”.

From that moment, you can already use one of the application’s options to share the result of your photo on the main social networks. If you have not used a photo from the gallery at this time, the application will ask for permission to access the “phone files”, which is necessary to save the photo generated with it in your gallery.

To have an even more fun result, as shown in the image above, you also have the option to save the image as a “before and after”. This photo from before and after can even be saved as an animated GIF, which turns out to be more interesting.

Ready! Now you know how to use FaceApp to look like a teenager using your phone. Comment us in the comment box if you have any issue.

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