Interesting Features Of Gboard | Google Keyboard App

Keyboard Android made by Google comes with a new name, namely GBoard. Also underwent major updates in various aspects of the application, starting from its features and design. GBoard is currently one of the most feature-rich Android keyboard applications.

Interesting Features of Gboard | Google Keyboard App
Interesting Features of Gboard | Google Keyboard App

Interesting Features of Gboard | Google Keyboard App

The GBoard application is also available for iOS users, for both iPhone and iPad devices. Overall, both in appearance and features are the same as the Android version of the GBoard.

To enjoy the latest features, you can update the GBoard viaGoogle Playor theApp Store.

For those of you who use smartphones with the Android operating system, you may be familiar with GBoard, because it is usually the default keyboard. However, this virtual keyboard has features that you may not have realized.

Here are some interesting features on the GBoard that you don’t know about.

Perform a Google Search on the Keyboard

For those of you who use GBoard as a digital board for typing, you can see a button with the Google icon which is in the upper left corner of the keyboard. To perform a search you just have to tap the button, and the Google search field will appear above the keyboard.

Through this search field, you can search for everything you need. Such as the name of a place, hotel, restaurant, company, song, weather, news, and various other things. All searches you perform will appear on the keyboard.

All you have to do is tap the ‘Share’ or ‘Share’ button under the card, then the link from the search results will be attached to the conversation. This method is quite easy to do and can save time.

Trackpad Mode

When typing on a smartphone, text selection is a common problem. Sometimes when editing a word we can’t control the cursor precisely. But on the GBoard there are features that make this easy.

You can move the cursor by swiping left or right on the space bar.

To delete several words at once can also be done easily. In the old way we have to tap the backspace button many times to delete every word.

Now just tap the backspace button and swipe left or right, once your finger is lifted the text you want will be deleted.

Translate Word on Keyboard

To make it easier for users, Google Translate has been added to GBoard. You can easily translate words and sentences between two languages. In this way will make it easier for us to communicate.

To translate a word or sentence, you can immediately tap the G icon and select the Google Translate icon. Then you can also choose the language you want to translate, for example from English to Language on the menu above the column.

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Alternative Keyboard Quick Access

Usually when you enter punctuation marks such as exclamation marks, question marks and other punctuation marks, you usually have to switch from the numeric keyboard to the available keys. But on the GBoard there is an alternative button to do it.

To access alternative keyboards that contain punctuation &% + ”-: ‘@; / () #! ,? You only need to tap and hold the dot button at the bottom of the keyboard. This method will make it easier for you to type fast.

GIFs and Emojis

GBoard also has features that are no less interesting, namely you can search for various GIF and emoji images in large sizes. It used to be possible to send funny GIF images you had to collect them in the gallery. Now no need, just search through GBoard, search, select and send.

In the GIF sending feature, you can make emojis with your own photos, this new GBoard feature can be enjoyed by installing theBitmojiapplication .

To search for GIFs, on the latest GBoard, you can tap the G icon and select the GIF icon and do a search in the column provided. The GIF feature can be used in all chat applications.

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