File Sharing Apps | For Android And IOS

File sharing apps help users easily transfer files from one smartphone to another. These apps use the built-in WiFi, Hotspot, and Bluetooth device to establish connections with other devices.

File Sharing Apps | For Android and iOS

Once the connection is established, we can start transferring data from one smartphone to another by selecting and sending an option.

However, many phone developers have built in their own file sharing app, but the problem is, they can’t be paired with all file sharing apps. So I am sharing the Top 5 Most Popular File Sharing Apps that can be installed on Android Phone from Google Play Store as well as iPhone.

However, I am listing the most popular Android file sharing apps here, but most of them are also available on iOS – Apple Itunes Store. It can be useful when you want to transfer files from iOS to Android or Android to iOS devices. Suppose you are using Android and your friend has an iPhone, how are you going to transfer a large file?

First, you will need to connect your Android phone to PC, then copy the file from Android to PC and then from PC to iPhone.

But when you have no PC or laptop, file transfer is only possible if you and your friends are using the same file sharing app. Therefore, I also mainly included the apps that are also available in the Apple Itunes store.

Top 5 File Sharing Apps for Android and iOS

Before installing any of the following apps, you must first know how these apps work. If you do not understand the cause, the files cannot be sent and you will encounter a connection error in the file sharing app.

  • The first condition is that in both devices the same application must be installed. You cannot connect or share data with another mobile if one app on the device is different from the other.
  • Another thing, you have to make sure that in both devices, Mobile data, WiFi, Hotspot and Bluetooth are turned off or not. If anyone is enabled, you need to disable the theme first.

1. Google files: free up space on your phone

Google Files: Clean up space on your phone is not only a phone cleaning app, it also allows you to transfer files from one Android phone to another via WiFi, Hotspot or Bluetooth and without Internet. It is the most reliable app because it was developed by Google Big Brand.

So you don’t have to worry about app bug security. You can easily send videos, pictures, documents, and apps to other people nearby who are also using the same app.

It can transfer any file via bluetooth, WiFi and Hotspot at speed up to 480Mbps. This is a completely free app that doesn’t show any annoying ads when you check out other file sharing apps.

It can also free up space in your phone by cleaning junk files and cache. If you want to free up more space, you can remove old photos and memes from chat apps, duplicate files, and uninstall unused apps.

Find Files Faster allows you to search any file at the fastest speed that is saved deeply on your phone or SD memory card. Besides that, it can backup your files to SD card and Google Drive. So you can access all these files forever and from anywhere.

App availability and permissions: The app is currently only available for Android devices. It asks for authorization of location, storage, WiFi, hotspot and Bluetooth.

2. Share music and transfer file – Xender

I like Xender for its simplicity, its design is very neat and clean, and it’s a completely free app. Unlike the other apps below, no ads are shown and no additional access permissions are requested. Therefore, I also recommend this.

It can easily transfer files from Android to Android, Android to iPhone, Android to Jio Phone, Android to PC, etc. You can share Android apps, photos, music, videos and any kind of file without mobile data. The Xender app is also available for Windows and can be downloaded from the Windows App Store.

Its phone replication feature helps you when you want to migrate data from your existing device to a new device. So if you change your device, use this feature to copy your existing data to new device without any problem.

App availability and permissions: The app is available on Android and iOS platforms. It asks to allow access permissions for Storage, WiFi, Hotspot and Bluetooth.

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3. SHAREit – Upload & Share

It is the top-rated and most popular sharing app. It can share any type of files wherever you want. Just open and connect with your friend’s device and SHAREit.

For this you do not need an internet connection, it is the use of the device’s WiFi, Hotspot & Bluetooth function to transfer files from one mobile to another.

The app is also available for iOS, Tizen, Windows and Mac PC. So you can also transfer the files even when the platform is not the same.

It has become more than a file sharing app, but also more features: create a group and join a group, drag and share files, device cleaner, built-in media player, play online games, watch and download movies and videos online for free.

App availability and permissions: The app is available for Android and iOS platforms. It asks to allow access permission for location, phone, storage, WiFi, wireless hotspot and bluetooth.

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4. Send Anywhere (file transfer)

This is another application that is designed with simplicity, has a clean user interface and does not contain unwanted features so that you will easily find all the options available. The Send Anywhere application supports both offline and online file sharing methods.

You can send or receive apps, videos, audios, photos, contacts and any other type of files offline through the Wi-Fi WiFi hotspot or online through mobile data.

App availability and permissions: It is available for Android and iPhone devices. It must have the permission of location, storage, WiFi, wireless hotspot, Bluetooth, and contacts.

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5. Zapya – File transfer, sharing

Zapya is another popular data sharing app. It has similar functionality to all the apps beyond. It allows the sharing of applications, photos, videos, audios, and any type of file. Moreover, it includes additional features similar to SHAREIT, such as Recommend games, Online videos, and app store functionality.

Besides, you can create or join a group for faster file transfer across multiple devices, support QR code for faster and safer WiFi connection with Bluetooth.

App availability and permissions: Available for Android and IOS devices. Phone, Storage, WiFi, Hotspot and Bluetooth, Camera permissions are only required if you want to record or send videos directly from Zapya.

Phone Replicate features require permission to access Contacts if you change your device. want to migrate device data from Android to Android or from Android to iOS devices.

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I have listed the 5 best file sharing apps of this statistic and popularity based on Android, but these are also popular on the iOS or iPhone platform. Currently, Files by Google: Clean up space on your phone is not available for iOS, but we hope it will be for iOS soon.

If you install SHAREit, Xender, Send Anywhere, and Zapya on your iPhone, you will also benefit from cross-platform file sharing features. So when you need the Best File Sharing app for Android or iPhone, you should try these apps first.

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