How to Find Someone on Badoo With the Search Engine

TheBadoo search engineis a very useful tool for those users who enter the application and are interested in knowing how tosearch for someone by name, whether to find an old friend, ex-partner or a relative. No matter the reason, here we will quickly explain how to find the profile of that person that interests you so much.

Find Someone on Badoo With the Search Engine
Find Someone on Badoo With the Search Engine

How to Find Someone on Badoo With the Search Engine

First of all, you have to specify that there is no Badoo search engine in which it is enough to put the name of the person you want to search, as is the case in social networks or in Google’s own search engine.

Generally, what the users of the site use the most is the game «Encounters», in which people are shown randomly for their positive or negative rating, so that in the case of a match, contact is established.

Another way is to see the list of people connected on Badoo, although generally these people have too many messages and you will not be able to contact them.

So instead of hoping to have a taste match with someone else, many people want to knowhow to find people on Badooso that they can start direct conversations with people they already knew before. This method should undoubtedly be known when contacting someone on this social network.

In addition tomaking friends on Badoothrough the aforementioned game, you can also use another very practical method tosearch other people’s profiles, find people, access their profiles and finally send a chat request or add that person to your list of people you liked. These methods are also very handy forfinding out if someone is on Badoo. Let’s see!

Perform a general and narrow search

The first option offered by the application itself, and the simplest but perhaps less effective if you are looking for someone in particular, is the general search for people.

  • To do this, first you must enter your data and click on the option ”People nearby“. In this way, users who are closer to your specific location will appear
  • If you prefer a more limited search in which only new profiles or people online appear, you can choose to click on the option “People nearby” inShow, and different options will appear that will allow you to do amore defined search.

Search for people via email

The social network has a very simple option to send an invitation by email. This is a very fast and popular way tofind a person on Badoo.

With this process, Badoo will ask you for access to the data of your email account Hotmail,OutlookorGmail, Ymail, etc., in addition to the ability to search among Facebook friends. It’s a very simple way tosearch Badoo by email.

You don’t have to worry about your security,Badoois a secure website and it won’t steal your account. In the case of Facebook, your friends will not find out that you use this social network either.

The only thing Badoo will do when you provide your email account is search your email contacts, that is, people with whom you have recently spoken via email.

This may not be the best option forfinding women or menyou know who are on Badoo, due to the fact that you don’t always have many email contacts. The good news is that you still have other options to search for people.

Use Google search to find someone

In Badoo you can search by name in an effective way using a simple command of theGoogle search engine. It is a parameter that very few use but it works perfectly.

Google the following:

  • site: «First name Last name»

In this way you can quickly get the profile page of the person you are looking for, as long as the Google search engine has tracked it correctly, which usually happens without major inconveniences.

Remember to change “Name” by the person’s name and “Surname” by his surname, of course (don’t forget to place the quotation marks, for an exact match in the name).

Keep in mind that if the person you are looking for registered under a different name than theirs or used a nickname, then it will be difficult for you to find them this way.

Remember also that in theBadoooptions it is possible todisable the results in the search engine, so it may be that the person you are trying to find does not appear in the Google search results. You can add other words to your search, such as Colombia, Argentina, etc., or places where the wanted person works.

Use the “friends” command

Only in this way can we access a Badoo search engine, which can be found in the “Friends” command of the application.

If you select this option, you will find a screen that offers you toadd more friendsand you can enter the name of the person you are looking for in the Badoo search engine.

You can also use different filters, such as your area, where you study, or age, and this will make the search more precise and you can find the person you are looking for.

Through Facebook

Badoohas perfectly developed its tool toadd friends from Facebook. If you have no problem with your Facebook friends who already use Badoo finding out that you also use this social network, then this is a valid option to find your friends and start chatting with them.

Whenlogging in to Badoofrom your computer, go to the “Friends” tab. If you have not yet connected your account, the page will offer you a quick and easy way to allow you to log into your account and get access to your Facebook contacts. Then press the blue button «Connect to Facebook»

In the pop-up window,log into your Facebook accountand proceed to grant it the permissions requested by the page. Once logged in, you will be able to see the Badoo profiles of all your Facebook friends. You can disconnect the account at any time you want.

Search for profiles on other social networks

In addition to Facebook, it is also possible to search for contacts present in other different social networks. To do this you must log in through the following address:

It is as simple as clicking on the icon of the social network from which you want to search and entering the login data so that the contacts are synchronized. This will bring up a list of all matching people found on Badoo.

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