How To Get Your Business To Show Up On Google Search

Every day many people are looking for ways so that their business can appear in Google searches, especially for online business people who play in the field of the web or blog. As an owner or owner, we are required to learn so that the business that we manage today can grow rapidly.

Get Your Business To Show Up On Google Search
Get Your Business To Show Up On Google Search

How To Get Your Business To Show Up On Google Search

But did you know that not everyone who starts an online business is successful? Why is that? this is because they do not know at all how to formulate the right strategy for the business they manage.

Even though in fact a strategy is very important, in general, yes… as far as I know, there are several popular strategies that are often used by business people to date, as for the strategy as follows.

1. Have a Website

As a businessman, is it very important to have a website? why do i say important? by having a website we can expand the reach of our business to other people easily, min, is there a detailed example why do I say the website is important? Try to pay attention to some of the sites on Google, most of them started a business from a website.

This site has a business strategy in the field of seo services, with this strategy they have thousands of clients who believe in their services and skills, especially myself, not only that, with us having a website the client will increasingly believe in the business we manage.

2. Advertise on Google Ads

The second strategy … this strategy is often used by senior businessmen and beginners, usually a lot of people use google ads to advertise, what do you mean by advertising, bro? you need to know the easiest way to show our products on google search engine you can advertise through google ads, what is google ads?

Google ads is a platform that we can use to develop our business, are there examples of ads that are displayed by Google ads, aren’t they?

For an example of an ad made by Google ads, can you see the image I uploaded above? in the picture you can see that the keyword “SEO services” has a search volume of 14,800 search volume, of course, with keywords this big, your competition is not the only one, right? but by advertising on google ads you can put your website in position 1 of google, of course this method is very easy right?

But unfortunately using this technique is of course too expensive, because to advertise on google ads you have to be willing to pay them every month.

3. Learn SEO

Learn seo? Hearing this term, maybe you are a little confused, especially people who do not understand at all about SEO, what exactly is seo? SEO or what is known as Search Engine Optimization is often used by website owners, the main goal of this technique is to get their website content in the first position of Google.

SEO is also widely used by various business people and is used personally, for businesses themselves usually to get their products on the first page of google.

In fact 80% of website visitors come from organic search (SEO) organic search itself is an activity to find information through google search based on certain keywords or keywords.

Min, I want to learn SEO, do you think Mimin has an article aboutSEO guide? for now I don’t have it but you can learn seo techniques from the link I have given in this seo topic.

4. Registering Your Site On Google

Usually search engines often surf the web based on web index pages, you need to know after you have a website the first step you have to do is register your site on Google Webmaster, what is the goal, min?

The goal is that your website can be searched on the Google search engine, besides your webmaster, you can also register your site on the popular search engine

5. Riset Keyword

The next strategy, namely keyword research… now in this fourth strategy maybe you will get dizzy, what else, min keyword research? what is the importance… you need to know that keyword research has something to do with SEO, why do I include keyword research as a strategy so that our business can appear in google searches?

For example, have you ever typed in a keyword, for example “online selling tips” in the Google search engine? surely you need to know that the keywords you mentioned have information, what information?

Information on how much is the search volume for the keyword search and information on the CPC (cost per click) price of the keyword or the price per ad of the keyword you are targeting.

Wow, I just found out, min, it turns out that the keywords that I usually type have a search volume and have a CPC price, min so that I can do keyword research and find keywords for my website how? to do keyword research you can use free tools from keyword surfer or use google keyword planner.

For how to do keyword research, I won’t explain how, but I will give you an important outline of this keyword research technique, I suggest you look for keywords or low-competitive keywords because the level of competition is certainly low.

If you aim for keywords that have a lot of search volume, the competition will be tougher, and as a result the content you create will not be in position 1, unless you have the cost to increase these keywords by hiring seo services.

6. Advertise on Social Media

The sixth strategy, advertising on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms, this strategy is usually often used to market and introduce a product on social media pages such as Facebook, currently the method of advertising on social media is the right strategy to market your business, maybe you’re familiar with the term advertising on social media?

Or maybe you’ve also seen some big brands make an ad on their Facebook fanpage related to the sales and businesses they manage if it means you’ve got a clue about their business marketing techniques because by advertising on social media platforms we can reach a wider audience. far away.

7. Promote on Various Platforms

Promotion is a very important thing in developing a business, by promoting the business that you manage, you can introduce your business to other people, usually many people promote through Twitter, youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Not only that, you can also promote products through your own website, or also promote your products to other website owners, such as product reviews, or directly contact the web owner to review the products you have, the main purpose of product promotion in addition to introducing products For you, promotion on other people’s websites can also build brand and trust in clients who want to buy your product.

So that’s all I can give in my article this time about how to make your business appear in Google searches, for the shortcomings of the article I made, I apologize, and I only wrote this article based on personal experience.

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