Fitbit Versa Review: Stylish Smartwatch With Affordable Prices

The name Fitbit is certainly familiar to consumers of wearable devices (wearable devices) homeland. Fitbit is among the Top 5 global wearable device vendors according to the IDC report (Q1 2018) with Apple, Xiaomi, Garmin and Huawei.

Fitbit Versa Review: Stylish Smartwatch with Affordable Prices
Fitbit Versa Review: Stylish Smartwatch with Affordable Prices

Fitbit Versa is a compact and lightweight smartwatch and fitness tracker with an improved interface for easier reading of fitness statistics. Water resistant up to 50 meters, and works with iOS and Android.

Fitbit Versa has a beautiful design similar to Apple’s smartwatch, Apple Watch. This version is cheaper than Fitbit’s other product, Ionic. Various features which are owned by other smartwatches are embedded in Fitbit Versa. But unfortunately, the latest Fitbit smartwatch series is not equipped with GPS and NFC.

Then, what are the benefits of Fitbit Versa? Check out the full review below.

Design and Display

As mentioned earlier, Fitbit Versa is an alternative to Apple Watch that has a similar design. Versa is not only aesthetically pleasing, but perhaps one of the most comfortable smartwatches that Fitbit makes thanks to its lighter weight.

On the left side there are the main buttons to get up / back, while on the right there are two pause buttons and finish when it has finished training. This button is proven to work perfectly when using it while in training focus. At the rear there is a sensor point and a pin for charging.

The strap itself still carries the traditional buckle style which is very easy to fasten and remove, but still maintains grip during intense training.

As with Ionic, this rope can also be replaced with many types, such as colored metals, fabrics, or silicon versions.

As for display display, Fitbit Versa has a colorful and bright touch screen with brightness up to 1,000 nit. This brightness allows the Versa screen to remain clearly visible even in the sun or under water.

The touch screen has also been upgraded than Ionic, which seems a bit problematic because of latency. With Versa, all touch-touching activities look better and responsive.

Fitbit Versa comes with Fitbit’s latest OS 2.0, including a new dashboard display that looks more simple and intuitive from your health and fitness data.

You can see daily and weekly health and fitness statistics at a glance such as historical activity, heart rate, and sports summary on the main screen.

Even more interesting, you can customize your appearance on Fitbit Versa. You can also buy views from third-party developers, some of which can be adjusted to text color and data settings.

Battery life

Fitbit Versa has a battery life of four days if used intensively, and is connected to the device (Android / iOs). However, if only used for daily activities, or just to look at the clock, Versa is able to last for one full week without intense training and is connected to the device.

After fully charging and using it for 24 hours straight, including twice intense exercise and sleep, the Versa battery still has 70% remaining. After three full days of use, the Versa battery starts to shrink to 10% and zero in the middle of the fourth day.

As for charging devices, Fitbit provides Versa with a clip-in dock, which makes it easier to fill compared to the magnetic pins on Ionic.

Fitness feature

Some of the main sports such as jogging, swimming, cycling, and other exercises are already available on this Fitbit smartwatch. To track your running activities, simply select the Running tab from the Exercise option by swiping left from the home screen, then tap “Go”.

During training, the clock will display your vital choices, which will differ depending on what exercise you are tracking.

For example, the currently running option will display distance and time, while the swim option will display the length and meter of swimming at all times, and then the general exercise option will show the heart rate of calories burned.

Many other tracking variables can also be seen, such as time and current time, by swiping left or right on the main display during training tracking.

After the training is finished, Versa will display a summary. In a running session for example, the Versa training summary tells us what the maximum heart rate is in beats per minute (BPM), in addition to our average BPM during the entire exercise, the time needed to complete the exercise and distance traveled.


Although the features provided are not on par with Fitbit Ionic, Versa is able to present the standard features of a fitness tracker clock with a stylish design. What makes it very special is, you only need to spend Rp. 3.6 million.

This price is more affordable than you choose Fitbit Ionic, because overall, Versa can support your fitness activities.

So, Versa is not just a sporting friend, but a daily smart watch with additional fitness functions for those who are looking for smartphone connectivity features such as notification support and also being aware of health.

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