How to Fix a MacBook Camera Not Working or Error, Easy!

Indeed, no one claims that the camera on this device is the best, but it is still very useful for attending online meetings on Zoom, Google Meet and other applications.

How to Fix a MacBook Camera Not Working or Error, Easy!

How to Fix a MacBook Camera Not Working or Error, Easy!

However, there are one thing or another that can cause the MacBook camera to suddenly error and stop functioning. Although this is not a sign of a serious problem, it is enough to make many users panic.

Fortunately, in the following article, we will provide a guide on how to easily fix a MacBook camera error in a simple way. Watch the steps until it’s finished, okay?

Granting MacBook Camera Access Permission

It could be that the application you want to use does not have permission to access the MacBook camera. You can follow how to fix a MacBook camera not working below to give access permission to your device.

  • Please go to the Apple menu
  • Then, select the System Settings option
  • Continue by selecting Privacy and Security from the sidebar
  • Select Camera on the right
  • A list of all applications installed on your MacBook device will appear that require access to the camera
  • Toggle the switch next to the app you want to use the camera on
  • If so, close and reopen the application after giving the camera access to the application so that it functions properly
  • Finished

Force Closing and Relaunching the Camera App

This is the most basic option to try, which is to force close and relaunch the application to resolve any glitches and bugs that may be preventing the MacBook’s camera from functioning properly.

Oh yes, it’s also important to know that using the camera for more than one application at the same time can also trigger this problem. Fortunately, you can still fix it by closing the application.

Control-click the application you want to close from the Dock. Then, press and hold the Option key and click Force Quit.

That’s the information we can share about how to fix a MacBook camera not working or having an error. Hope it is useful.

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