How To Fix IOS 13.5 Application Error

We take a close look at the solution of iOS 13.5 application error. The iOS 13.5 update, released last week, brought some problems . After the update, some users started to share that they received an application error.

How to Fix iOS 13.5 Application Error

Accordingly, iPhone and iPad users stated that they encountered the error “This Application is Not Shared With You anymore” and they should purchase it from the App Store to use the application. So how to fix iOS 13.5 application error? Let’s take a closer look at the solution to this error.

How to Fix iOS 13.5 Application Error

For now, no official statement has been made from the Apple front regarding the source of the error in question. However, according to the feedback, we see that users encounter the App Store error especially when opening basic apps like WhatsApp and YouTube. We, together with this article we prepared for you, explain step by step how to fix this App Store error.

iOS 13.5 Application Error Solution:

  • Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad .
  • Then, follow General> iPhone Storage on the screen that comes up.
  • In this section, select the application that gives error from the application list and click “Uninstall Application” from the screen that appears.
  • After clicking Uninstall App, return to your device home screen. In this section, click on the icon of the application you uninstalled and wait for the application to be reinstalled.

After following these steps, the App Store problem you have experienced will disappear. However, if you’re still getting errors after doing all these things, unfortunately you have to wait for the new update Apple will release. For now, it is not known when this update will be released.

However, according to information obtained from sources close to Apple, it is predicted that the said update will be released as soon as possible.

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