How To Use The “Add To Queue” Feature On Youtube

For those who like to watch YouTube, there are many features that can help you enjoy watching. One of them is the “add to queue” feature. This feature functions to group the videos that we choose into one automatic playlist. So by adding a video to the queue, the video will automatically play after the current video is up.

How to use the "Add to Queue" feature on Youtube
How to use the “Add to Queue” feature on Youtube

How to use the “Add to Queue” feature on Youtube

This is good for those of you who watch the video series, which are related to the previous video, or for those of you who want to watch a lot of videos in one particular topic.

For example like this, if you are an entrepreneur, you are exploring the topic of worker management, you can add several videos about this, from various channels to your video queue.

Although this feature is only useful in certain conditions, in my opinion, this feature needs to be known, especially for active YouTube users.

Ok, let’s just discuss how to use this feature.

1. Open a browser on your PC and enter

2. If it is already on the youtube page. Please point your cursor over the video thumbnail, the “Add to the queue” menu will appear above the thumbnail. Select the menu.

3. After that, look for other videos, repeat the previous steps to add videos to the queue list.

4. If the queue is sufficient, like the example below there are 9 videos, you click the first video to play it.

5. Done. After the first video should finish, the second video will automatically play.

By following the steps above, you can create a queue to play your favorite music videos or any other combination of videos that you want to watch at the time. Unfortunately for this new queue list can be done on a computer or PC.

This time the discussion is related to the “add to queue” feature on YouTube. If there is something you want to add, can comment below.

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