Fix iPhone sync error on iTunes with iMazing

This article follows the problem that I have them with my iPhone 7, after applying the procedure below, the synchronization works perfectly.

How to fix the error ” iTunes can not read the contents of the iPhone … ” which prevents any synchronization of your iPhone and forces you to restore.

Fix iPhone sync error on iTunes with iMazing
Fix iPhone sync error on iTunes with iMazing

Fix iPhone sync error on iTunes with iMazing

It seems that this error is related to a damaged file on your iPhone ( iTunesCDB ) following a problem at the time of synchronization (for example a disconnection inadvertent cable connecting your iPhone to your computer).

Only iTunes facing this error offers only a factory restore, so goodbye all your data, photos, applications installed

Reassure you, there is a solution, it is relatively simple and does not require to have a device jailbroken!

First, you’ll need to install the third-party iMazing software (formerly DiskAid )

Official download link:

Then you need to follow the steps below:

1- Close iTunes

2- Start iMazing

3- Go to File System / Media / iTunes_Control / iTunes

4 – Locate and delete the iTunesCDB file (Make a backup on your desktop just in case)

The screenshot represents DiskAid, but the procedure is the same in iMazing

5- Close iMazing

6- Launch iTunes and you should be able to sync your iPhone again

Do not worry if the sync is a bit long, it is sync all your iPhone.

You can also make a backup using iMazing

Characteristics of iMazing

– Transfer your files and documents
– Manage your contacts
– Exclusive app management solution
– Export your Safari data
– Transfer ringtones to your iPhone
– Transfer and manage your books
– Access your calendars and export them
– Export your call history and voice messages
– Transfer your notes and voice memos
– Advanced management of iOS devices


Version: 2.10.2
Supported operating systems: Win 7/8/10 (64/32 bit)
Language: Multilingual
Note: The archive includes a patch

IMazing 2.10.2 download links with patch:!G1ExFAba!ZPqp27myvgSTVORnNDXszB35Q-Yv1NsRWkLUVdrnRFg

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