How to Fix Windows 10 Issue ‘Windows Needs Your Current Credentials’

Are you receiving the error “Windows needs your current credentials”? If yes, stay here to find out the reasons and methods for resolving ‘Windows needs your current credentials. Lock this computer and then unlock it using the last password or smart card ‘.

Fix Windows 10 Issue 'Windows Needs Your Current Credentials'
Fix Windows 10 Issue ‘Windows Needs Your Current Credentials’

How to Fix Windows 10 Issue ‘Windows Needs Your Current Credentials’

The problem is very annoying because even after writing specific credentials you are receiving such warnings. If your Windows credential manager is corrupted or something went wrong using your user account.

You will then receive error codes. The main reason behind this is not known. But, if you’re trying to use the same credentials on another computer, that may be one of the reasons.

Many users receive this error every time they try to use a PIN instead of a password. It doesn’t show anything after logging in with a password, but it asks for messages every time they try to use a PIN and says “Windows needs your current credentials.”

In many cases, if you sign in with your password or username, lock it, and unlock it again, they are receiving an error message. Well, there are a lot of unexpected reasons behind this problem as shown below.

  • Malfunctioning system
  • Incorrectly configured group policy
  • Unverified user account

Troubleshooting (Windows needs your current credentials):

Windows requires current credentials including a variety of related issues. Most of this section is covered. These are the different names used to search for the same problem. The solutions provided in this article are also applicable to these related issues.

Windows requires your current credentials for:

  • Windows 10:Here,Windows 10users are receiving this error message. Every time they enter the current credentials, they are receiving this. Once again we recommend that you cross-check the credentials.
  • Blocked account:Here, the user’s account receives a lock and text messages still arrive and require current credentials. It’s because of misconfigured group policies. Don’t worry about the set of procedures for unlocking credential windows.
  • Vpn:This is the same topic we mentioned earlier. Well, the reason may be your system is faulty. Use the method to solve one by one. Also, make sure that you have a good antivirus installed on your computer to prevent these problems.
  • Windows requires your current credentials to be locked later:Similar to the above, the user needs Windows 10 messages for your current credentials. Then it gets locked on its own. The main reason is your group policy or user account. Simply use our solutions to unlock your current credentials.
  • Kerberos:Well, Kerberos is also known for its real secure network protocol. This also shows a message. So it means that there are some threats to privacy or security. Use our solution to ensure the authenticity of the communicating nodes to resolve this prompt.
  • Could not access content via current credentials:In many cases, Windows 10 still requires credentials. Some specific content is constantly displaying this error message. So all you have to do is work with this solution to get rid of this prompt.
  • The Windows Login warning continues to display:This is quite annoying, as it appears until you get your hands on it. Maybe your window isn’t the main reason for misconfigured group policy. Go on to solve it with different methods.

Basic troubleshooting method:

How to fix Windows Do you need current credentials using the basic method? Running anti-virus software to scan your computer completely may be the solution here. Come and see:

Check for viruses or malfunctions

If there is a virus or bug on your computer, it fills the agenda in the background. Viruses take complete control over your PC’s functions and then cause unexpected errors, such as “Windows needs your current credentials.”

If you do not have a virus, your PC may be corrupted. Windows firewall is the best option, but it sometimes fails with a strong virus attack. We recommend that you open third-party anti-virus software and perform a full system scan. If malware happens, you just delete it. Often fixing it doesn’t work. When finished, restart the computer.

This method works for some users; you might be one of them. If this does not work, go to the other section to troubleshoot advanced issues.

How Windows fixes your current credentials issue:

Here we’ll look at different solutions, such as changing the configuration of your Group policies. Because if there is a change in the group policy, the error occurs. Another method is to re-verify the user account when authenticity is sometimes compromised.

  • Fix-1: Change the configuration of group policies
  • Fix-2: Re-check your user account
  • Fix-3: Activate the trial version of Windows
  • Repair-4: Final Repair: System Restore

Fix-1: Change the configuration of group policies

This solution is for Windows 10 Pro and later connected domains. Group policy plays a key role in the windows system. It includes the actual records that the system needs when communicating.

If it is misconfigured, you will receive an unexpected error message. Changing the default mode again in small situations is enough to fix the error.

Follow our step-by-step guide to correct misconfigured Group policies in Windows 10:

  • Click on the Windows logo key using the “R” alphabet to get the Run Box on the screen.
  • Now move to the space provided and type “Gpedit.Msc” and click OK. It will bring up the Local Group Policy Editor window on your screen.
  • Now from the left pane, click the “Computer Setup” button and double-click the “Administration Templates” option
  • Then select “System” and click the “Enter” button available in the list
  • Then go to the right panel and then put “Get always waiting for the network to start the computer and log in” there.
  • If enabled, double-click “Disable.” Otherwise, select Set as “Not configured”. Then click on “Apply” and then “OK” to finish.
  • You can exit the window and restart Windows 10.

When the system is enabled, check to see if the problem is resolved. If it still happens, go for another method!

Fix 2 Repair: Re-check your user account

If you log in using the same account on multiple systems. Then there may be an authentication issue. Many users have done this and after a while they are faced with these error messages that appear in front of them.

Not only that, maybe your account threatens security walls. You should check to see if “Windows needs your current credentials” to resolve the issue. This simple hack has helped many users to solve the problem.

  • Click the Windows key to get the Start menu. Then go to the left and check your user profile icon.
  • After receiving this icon, right-click on it and select the “Change account settings” option.
  • Then go to the “Your Information” option in the left pane.
  • Now you will see a verification link in the right pane. Click on it. You will then receive on-screen alerts, follow up and continue. Wait a while until the whole procedure is complete.
  • When it finishes, you just have to “Restart” your Windows 10 computer.

Once your system is enabled, we hope you can log in without any errors’Windows needs your current credentials then locked. If the problem remains unresolved, go to the next fix to check the Windows activation status’.

Fix 3: Turn on the Windows test variant

This is the most effective method that can easily solve the problem. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Click the Windows logo key to display the settings window using “I”.
  • Then click “Update and Security.”
  • Now click on the “Activation” option in the left pane.
  • You can also click on the “Change Product Key Option” statement available in the right pane.
  • A screen appears, simply enter “VK7JG-NPHTM-C97JM-9MPGT-3V66T”as the key. Then click on the ENTER key. It will take you to the test variant of your window.
  • You will then receive a set of warnings on the screen. Simply proceed until the login screen for the upgraded OS appears. Then you will see a message “Renewing finished”. When you show up when you go.
  • Now check to see if the “Windows needs your current credentials” issue is fixed. If not, go for the other solution.

Fix 4. Repair: System Restore

This error may appear after receiving some third-party services. If you restore the system, you need to move your computer back to the previous image.

If you have created a restore point on your computer, this is the solution for you. Well, it creates a lot of users, so I hope this will be enough for you. Let’s start with these guidelines!

  • Click on the Windows logo key using the “S” alphabet. Then enter “Recovery” or locate and tap on Start.
  • Now on the right, you will see the options. Simply click on “Open System Recovery”.
  • Well, a window appears. Click “Next” to activate it. You can follow the on-screen steps until this is complete. You will receive a list of Recovery Points that you have recently created. Simply select one of them to return it to its original healthy state.
  • Then let the process finish and then “Restart” the computer. The process cannot harm your personal data. However, it will then delete any recent changes you made to your computer.

Note:If you want, you can reset Windows 10 or reset it if you don’t have a system restore point. In this situation, you need installation media, make sure you have that.

Additional tips to avoid Windows require your current credentials:

  • You do not need to click on Unauthentic Sources or links. It can damage your system file and cause serious damage after threatening your privacy and security.
  • Also, make sure your computer is up to date. Well, an outdated computer can cause serious problems. It also cannot protect your computer from new external threats.
  • You do not need to use your user account on different computers to sign in. However, it creates conflict by displaying these error messages.


I hope you can easily unlock your current credentials on your Windows system. I am discussing several methods to fix Windows error when your current credential account should be locked.

However, if you have any problems with any of the steps, please let us know in the comments section below. Once the repair is complete, let us know any suggestions for a solution.

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